The Master Engineer

Alexey Kljatov - snowflake

It is a moment that comes at different times and different places for different people.

Sometimes it broadsides us, and sometimes it just quickly sneaks up on us in our dreams.

Sometimes it comes to us as children, and sometimes it comes to us as old men and women.

Sometimes it unfolds in our reason, but it just as often blossoms in our emotions.

Sometimes it sears our mind, but sometimes it pierces our heart.

Once you see the Father all human opposition to Him vanishes.

All the paradoxes evaporate, all the silly philosophical constructions come crumbling down. The pain, anger, fear, disillusionment, and unbelief withers. All the evasions and deflections just drift away in the wind like a ripped spider web.

All the strange things you (and other men like you) thought were impossible claims and fairy tales…

stand before you as bright as the sun…

And you realize “…the powers of heaven are not the subject of our fables—we are.”

Then, all the very best conversations begin.

Father and sons, Father and daughters.

Once you are in “the Father’s hand”… nothing and no one can ever trick you back down to the small, broken, bored, featureless life you left behind.

“Come you, blessed of the Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of world.”

And it was good.