You Always Have a Prayer

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Prayer is not pleading.

Prayer is not begging.

Prayer is not even praise, though can praise through prayer.

True effective prayer is transmitting your wishes and desires to your Father using the medium of your Spirit. This can be done openly or non-encrypted through English (or your native language) or encrypted (speaking in Tongues). Then, once you have received the Father’s instructions (insights and directions) on whatever life matters you tendered for his review, you then import (unleash, sew, speak) your Father’s Word in the fertile ground of your wishes and desires, in conjunction with parallel thought and action…

You remain in that groove, that frequency, until God’s living Word (the Word Itself) manifests His definitions and outcomes in whatever it was you asked Him about—this is Faith + Patience (or persistence).

When God gives you insight, he is giving you the formula to change your physical surroundings. You already have the authority to do this through Jesus Christ, with whom you are a joint-heir.

The best example I can give is going to the gym. Say, you are 225 pounds and you should be 190 pounds. You are 35 pounds overweight. You pray “What should I do?” and the answer comes back “Change your diet immediately. Get rid of the fatty foods, the fried foods, and stop drinking sodas. Buy some gym clothes. Get up every morning and have a bowl of oatmeal with fruit. Go to the gym four times a week. Your workout should be regular, incorporating both free weights, machine weights, and cardio workouts. Do this, and you will lose weight and your ideal form will materialize.”

You choose to obey.

Your confession becomes “I believe and receive my new goal. I have lost the extra 35 pounds with which I have been walking around. I am fit. I am healthy.” When people ask about your new lunch or how you spend your evenings, you reply with your Confession of Faith: “I no longer eat fatty foods, or fried foods, or drinks sodas, and I work out four times a week, incorporating both weights and cardio.”

Then you carry out the actions prescribed faithfully.

All aspects of your personality are now focused on this one goal. You are eating right, sleeping right, acting right, pushing yourself at the gym, denying yourself those things that would derail you from your goal, all the while confessing your goal.

Why? Because “faith without works is dead.”

So what happens?

You start to lose weight. And if you persevere, you will lose all the weight you wanted to.

As you know, lots of unbelievers are in great shape and give no credit to the Father for their success. It doesn’t matter: they are still using the process God originally laid out for all men.

Unbelievers squawk: “That’s stupid! Anyone can do that!”

Duh, that’s right. Anyone can do it!┬áThat is what is so unremarkable about unbelievers:

They don’t realize they are already using the very process God laid out for all men.

They are either using it in the wrong direction (vocation: they are a florist when they should be an astrophysicist) or they are actually where they are supposed to be but refusing to give their own Father the credit for their passions and talents: they are ungrateful orphans.

The difference is the believer has an extra arsenal at his disposal: He has all of God’s Word… if he will use it. Most of life’s challenges are easily managed by the Prevenient Grace (for lack of a better term) God has given to all men, regardless of whether or not they even know from whence it came.

Now, going to the gym may seem a pointless example, as anyone can do it. Fair enough, but where it gets interesting in the big life issues: sickness, disease, death. Here, and elsewhere, the miraculous is available to the Believer.

This is a very subtle point that I will go into further in a later post.

Lastly, this whole approach arises from the fact there is no future tense in Hebrew.

You should regard every single thing you pray for as being already done (past tense) in the Father.

You are waiting for the manifestation. It may come quickly, or it may come slowly.

Don’t rush it. Stay focused. God always has the best timing. You have no idea what he is setting up for you.

That is true prayer.