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5 Smart Vacation-Planning Tips

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Compare Your Options

Before you book a flight, hotel room, or vacation package, check the price on each of the individual vendor’s sites. Oftentimes, cutting out the middle man and booking separately is cheaper than buying a package on sites like Expedia or Orbitz. Furthermore, buying directly from the airline gives you more flexibility to manage your flights, and calling the hotel can result in unadvertised savings (especially during low season and if you are celebrating a special occasion). Remember, third party sites require full payment up front, so do your homework before plunking down the plastic.

Bonus tip: Our favorite site for hotel deals in Europe is Venere.com, which has an incredibly easy user experience, a vast Rolodex of hotels (including smaller boutique properties that you’d never find on many U.S.-based sites), and lots of great deals and discounts. We didn’t include it in our comparison of discount travel sites because its forte is hotels rather than flights, but we’ve booked many European stays through Venere and have never been disappointed.

Be Direct

Sometimes you won’t find your favorite or most convenient airlines on these sites. Southwest Airlines doesn’t list its flights with any third party vendors, while American Airlines is missing from both Orbitz and Expedia. When in doubt, search your itinerary directly with airlines to ensure that you don’t miss a cheap rate.

Consult a Travel Agent for Cruises

Don’t book a cruise on any of these consolidation sites. A travel agent specializing in cruises is always the better option because they have relationships with cruise lines, which means discounted rates; and they can score you deals on the cruise ship and with shore excursions.

But most importantly, there are a lot of moving parts on a cruise trip (flight, transfer to ship, the cruise itself, etc.) and if one part goes awry, an experienced travel agent can use his or her connections to fix it. Meanwhile, if you’d booked your cruise via an aggregation site, you’d be stuck doing phone battle without a life preserver.

Read the Label

Beware of hotels or airlines labeled “top picks” in your search results. These aren’t necessarily of a higher quality or better value. Instead, they are often a business partner of the booking site, and therefore get populated at the top of your search.

Travel Smart

Now that you’ve booked your flight, learn how to stick to your travel budget.

Get ready for international travel with our tips on getting your finances in order.

Become a packing maven with our tips for every suitcase.

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Hollywood vs. Brazilian Wax: Vive la Difference

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People often use the names of these styles interchangeably. They both involve the removal of most of the hair “down there,” but there are differences in these two waxes. Brazilian waxes often leave a small strip, triangle, square, rectangle, or oval-shaped piece of hair in the front, while taking all hair in between and your backside.

On the other hand, a Hollywood wax removes all of the hair from the front, middle, and all the way to the backside.

This means it gets rid of all genital hair so the zone will be entirely bare.

The only difference between a Brazilian and a Hollywood is the shape that’s often left in the front with the Brazilian. If no hair shape is desired, then it basically becomes a Hollywood, which is why many salons call it a Full Brazilian. This, in turn, leads to some confusion on why the two styles are often referred to as the same bikini wax.

Bikini Styles on Salon and Spa Menus

When a salon or spa creates its menu, you might see these different bikini wax style names listed for a couple of reasons. First of all, they want you to know generally how much you’re going to pay when checking out.

Simply cleaning up a little bit of hair outside the underwear is going to take less time and product than removing more or even all of the genital hair. Therefore, price points vary for different styles.The salon doesn’t want you to be surprised or irritated when paying your bill.

The salon also wants to schedule your service correctly and block out the right amount of time for your service. A Hollywood bikini wax involves more time, than say, just waxing the bikini line. And instead of you having to explain just exactly where you want hair removed and left when you make the appointment, it makes it easier and much less embarrassing to simply request a certain style.

The salon wants to put you with the right person for the job. Keep in mind that all the technicians may not be willing to do every type of bikini wax. A couple of the techs might do Brazilians or specialty waxes, and others might not be trained for those or uncomfortable doing them. Also, some pros will do all types of bikini waxes on women, but not on men. It would be frustrating to you and the tech if she wasn’t willing or properly trained to do a specialty wax at your appointment.

While there are a lot of names or styles for bikini waxes, most people customize their wax based on how much hair they want to be removed and where they want the hair to be left. You don’t need to be locked into any one kind of bikini wax; just go with your personal preference. Just be aware that the price often goes up with more hair that’s removed or if it involves added time, like getting a perfect and even shape with a Brazilian.

Brazilian and Hollywood Wax: Don’t Try It First

It’s safest to work your way from a regular bikini wax to a Brazilian and then to removing it all with a Hollywood. Waxing your bikini area bald from the get-go might be more than you bargained for. Removing hair from the root gets easier over time.

Original article: Hollywood vs. Brazilian Wax

20 Beach Hacks, Tips, And Tricks You Absolutely Must Know This Summer

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Everyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with the beach. It’s my happy place. The beach is where I feel the most safe, comfortable, and calm. I go to the beach when I’m feeling really down and it instantly lifts me up. For me, there is no better feeling than laying in the sand and staring at the ocean. It’s the best.

Fortunately, I live on Long Island, so I’m able to go to the beach whenever I want. I’ve been doing this since I was a tiny little baby, so I’ve picked up a lot of tips along the way. The beach can be difficult, especially if you’re not used to sand or salt water, but there are ways to make long beach days easier and less of a hassle. If you’re planning on hitting the beach this weekend or just this summer in general, then you need to know these tips and tricks. Your friends and family will thank you for your genius mind. Here are 20 beach hacks, tips, and tricks you must know this summer:

  1. Protect your precious phone from sand and water by putting it in a Ziplock bag. You can still use it through the plastic!
  2. Make sure you bring baby powder to the beach because it takes off sand faster than anything else.
  3. Put your money in an empty pad wrapper. It might look ridiculous, but it will also keep your money safe while you’re in the water.
  4. You can also try a Chapstick container or a marker.
  5. Shave with baby oil to keep your skin smooth. Shaving right before the beach without oil may leave your skin sensitive to the sand and salt water.
  6. Know the differences between two common types of sunscreen to figure out what works for you.
  7. Sunscreen is the most important part of your beach day. Know when to apply, what time you’re most likely to get burned, etc.
  8. Want to look tan before going to the beach? Buy your favorite self-tanner, then get the perfect faux glow by shaving, exfoliating, and then applying.
  9. Make your own ice pack that won’t melt all over everything with a sponge in a baggie.
  10. Protect your hair and scalp from the sun by wearing a cute turban.
  11. A lot of people don’t realize how sensitive your eyes are in the sun. Here’s what you should know:
  12. Prep your hair before you go swimming to keep it from getting damaged.
  13. Make a cooling green tea face mist to stay refreshed and moisturized throughout the day.
  14. The best place to get beach waves is at the beach! Help your hair along with this DIY sea salt spray.
  15. This sounds obvious, but so many people don’t think about it and end up burning their feet.
  16. Make aloe vera ice cubes before you leave so they’re ready when you get back. Even if you don’t get a sunburn, your skin will still want to cool down from being outside all day.
  17. Keep hair moisturized after going in the water with this detangler spray you can make on your own.
  18. Bring along apple cider vinegar spray for instant relief if you get a little too much sun.
  19. Forget Flash tattoos – make your own cool designs using sunscreen.
  20. Keep sand away from you by using a fitted sheet like so:

Original article:  20 Beach Hacks

How to Travel with Your Husband or Wife and Stay Married

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Learning to travel with your husband or wife can be one of the most freeing and exhilarating skills to build. Traveling allows you and yours to build memories and have once in a lifetime adventures together. Unfortunately it isn’t always easy and can cause the relationship to be tested. We are offering our top 5 tips to traveling with your other half and staying married! They seem simple but they take a lot of self awareness and practice to perfect. Good luck!

5 Tips to Help you travel with your husband or wife and stay married.

1. Communicate

This is such a simple word with so many complicated parts. Communicate. Talk to each other. Sometimes when you travel together and you are spending so much time with each other, you forget that you still need to communicate. What do you like doing or not doing. Where do you want to eat dinner next, let each other have a voice. If one person is making all of the decisions there is a high chance the other is going to be unhappy.

If you’re upset about something, talk about it. Don’t keep it inside and let it build up until it explodes at the wrong time. Little things matter. Communicate about the little things, so when the big things come up you are comfortable talking to each other and have already established good communication skills.

2. Apologize

It’s inevitable, if you spend more time with your significant other in stressful situations you are going to fight more. When we usually think of traveling we imagine relaxing, peaceful travel – when in reality traveling for long periods of time with your significant other can be a challenge. A fun challenge that is definitely worth it, but be prepared to learn how to fight fair and apologize quickly.

Luckily the fights will (hopefully) be over mostly minimal non important things. It takes realizing that you are arguing over something that in the big picture doesn’t matter. Apologize for over-reacting, the things you said and shouldn’t have said, and move on. The sooner you learn to fight well, and apologize quickly and get over it, the better you will travel together.

Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Go into traveling with your husband as a team, knowing that neither one of you is trying to hurt each others feelings, or do anything “against” the other person.

3. Know Your Strengths… and Know Your Weaknesses

I am horrible at directions. I know this about myself and have given up on trying to get us around. Josh is not a planner. He is great at executing once he is given the plan, but it’s always my job to figure out our next destination and organize the details for once we get there. We have learned each others strengths and know our weaknesses. We don’t try to deny or cover them up, we simply surrender and let each other take over in areas we are good at.

4. Have Alone Time

Traveling together doesn’t mean you have to spend 100% of your time together. You don’t have to be engaged in conversation during every minute and you don’t have to know what each other is thinking or doing constantly. Give yourself alone time. Whether that means you go for a run outside alone in the park nearby, or you sit in bed and get lost in a good book you’ve been trying to read for months. Either way, spend time in your own thoughts, you will be happier because of it.

5. Go All In

The difference with traveling as a married couple vs. boyfriends or girlfriends is you’ve hopefully gone all in to the relationship. The key to staying married after traveling through new cultures, stressful situations and unexpected circumstances is to be all in.

By this I mean there isn’t an option that one of you gives up and fly home. The reason so many couples break up after traveling together is because traveling can bring out the ugly in people. You can’t hide when you spend 24/7 with someone. Your messy, complicated, emotional roller coasters all come out and you will be exposed if you aren’t completely honest and open with one another. Know what you are getting yourself into before you board the plane with your significant other, and agree to be all in together.

Original article: How to Travel with Your Wife and Stay Married