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Media Distortions


A recent article on Bloomberg proved Americans vastly overestimate the size of the gay-lesbian-transgender-other community.

Seriously, how is this even news?

How is this even remotely a revelation? A shocker?

The media no longer reports the news in America. The media is completely owned by corporate interests, and long ago abandoned what little journalistic integrity it even back then, and is solely in business to shape and control public opinion for political gain, and not neutrally inform the electorate of any event.

Half the American people are emotional zealots chasing their personal oily fantasy, and they have an entire political front keeping them whipped up and frothing at the mouth over… myths, nonsense, and provably false claims. They don’t know scripture, science, history, psychology or sociology, or legitimate economic theory. Everything, and I mean everything, is warped and twisted to produce a single proposition, and the number of facts spindled, the heaps of counter-evidence brushed aside, the many past ages ignored, or the number of people marginalized, impoverished, enslaved or murdered is irrelevant.

These are not activists and technically, they aren’t even Liberals (they masquerade in that name, but in word and deed reject the very premises of tolerance and open-mindedness). No, these are disciples and they have been ‘captivated.’

They say the American people are uninformed, even dumb. Well, you can thank Hollywood, television and the American media for that. You tell a man a lie long enough… guess what?

He’ll believe.

Why do you think these people are so vehemently obsessed controlling education, regulating the free press, even thought? We defeated the Nazis, but learned from them the power of indoctrination, propaganda, and surveillance.

This article never points the finger at the truly guilty party: the media (which includes Bloomberg).

All this noise proceeds form the will of a single mind, and it isn’t on your side.

Original article: http://bloom.bg/1KaN2Fb

Bare Knuckle Fighting

Starting in junior high school, through high school, and into my first year at college, many of my friends and I engaged in bare knuckle fighting: no pads, full speed, full power martial arts. The only rules were no eye gouges and no groin strikes of any kind (because we didn’t wear cups), but all else was fair and you could fight in any style you wished. Basically, it was street fighting and was MMA before it became a national phenomenon. We also fought almost exclusively at night, in the dark.

Plenty of knock outs and tap outs, a few broken bones, but I am genuinely surprised we survived that phase with no permanent injuries or worse.

After a few sessions in which we added weapons, we realized we were one or two miscalculations away from permanently maiming or accidentally killing one of our friends, so we abandoned the weapons, finally adopted hand pads, and embraced more traditional sparring parameters.