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6,000 Years To Speak Freely

It has taken Mankind 6,000+ years to develop satellite communications, a space program, and genetic engineering.

It has taken the exact same amount of time to develop concepts of Free Speech.

Compelled speech (outside of a court room) is tyranny.

Only tyrants demand compelled speech.

Human Beings want and enjoy Free Speech.

The Best Deflect

The biggest and boldest deflect any bureaucrat can do is to accuse their political rival of the very thing they themselves have been secretly doing.

The permanent political fog all governments create is specifically designed to say nothing that will ever get them in hot water, let alone prosecuted or imprisoned.

Most politicians are not former lawyers because they have some home-grown Jefferson Smith-like desire to obey the law, but how to circumvent it.

The law is just words and if the words you find in the law won’t let you do a thing, you just invent new words.

In a word, equivocation.

If Donald Trump’s campaign, including the President himself, has somehow conducted itself illegally with a foreign power, let the law be laid on him.

But I’d put folding money down this a deep state deflect from secret deals with Hillary Clinton and the suspicious activities of the Clinton Foundation, their destroyed secret servers, sterilized hard drives and crushed appliances, and vanished vaults of emails, and their controversial list of international “donors”… all of whom have suddenly dried up since she didn’t win the election.

All these mysteries the media is completely content to ignore.

I once heard of charges of embezzlement at a company. The charges were tirelessly and vociferously put forth by one executive against another. The one time I witnessed the exchange, I confided to a co-worker “in time you will find the man making the accusation is the guilty party.” Of course, the executive who cried “theft” turned out to be the man who went to jail for embezzlement.

The media is wholly obedient to one political class, and have long sworn off their oath of neutrality or their duty to us, the electorate.

Projection and deflection — next to murders and starchambers, these are the best tools any political snake has.

Trust your intuition.