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Leftist or Liberal?

A contrast between Leftism and Liberalism by American syndicated radio talk show host and writer Dennis Prager.

If one is not intellectually honest and philosophically fastened to real Truths, one will slide.

It is unavoidable.

It is inevitable.

I have friends and colleagues who fancy themselves Liberals but who have slid all the way down to Far Left ideology. They don’t even know they’ve slid as far as they have.

They claim they are Liberal and it is everything I can do not to laugh in their face. What a ridiculous and provably false claim!

Why don’t they know?

Because nothing in their world view is fixed. All mental mile markers are movable, and those markers just slide right along with them.

So, half of my Liberal friends and colleagues are actually Far Left, half of my Libertarian friends and colleagues are actually Liberals, half of  my Conservatarian friends and colleagues are actually Libertarians.

But it is odd that almost all of my Conservative friends remain genuinely Conservative.

Do you know why?

Conservatism — real Conservatism, not TV conservatives, pundits, or Republican poseurs — is ruthlessly intellectual. Conservative theory rests entirely in the pure cogency of the premise, and is never swept away by hysteria, sensationalism, emotionalism, false pity, false tolerance, opportunity, personality, charismatic proponents, or any of the other excuses offered in tolerating the seeds of totalitarianism.

And most of the people I know personally, are not intellectually honest. They will not read, they will not study, they will not learn the science, they will not experience the Divine. They are too preoccupied being hobbled by memories of domineering parents, childhood divorces, bullying, physical trauma, identity issues, betrayals, absent loved ones, sexual abuses, violence, alienation, etc.

And those emotional thorns run all the way down to the heart and are, for Man, almost impossible to remove or repair.

What someone says is largely irrelevant: it is what they do that proves who they are.

And I don’t mean some momentary indulgence, mistake, or lack of judgment. No, I mean the pathology of their pain proves they are hung on the meat hooks of trauma and sorrow, rather than bolted into place with real reason, unbreakable honesty, analytical integrity and propositional purity.

Their houses are built on sand.

Mine is built on a rock.

The Rock of Ages.


Feel Free to Wake Up at Any Time…

College Conservatism 2018: Charlie Kirk & Turning Point USA

Modern Liberalism

One of the most controversial and confusing of all issues for many is, just what is the proper role of religion and morality in public life?

In search of the right answer, today, we are compelled to conclude that there “is a famine in the land,” with nearly all sides of the debate muddled up to their necks in poor history, poor politics, poor reasoning, and all too often, poor religion, having nothing better to offer than a multifaceted deliberation where few seem to know where religion and morality are appropriately involved in public life and in political circles and where they are not.

The unspoken consensus, though none dare say it, is this: ‘It is right to inject religion and morality into political debate and public policy just so long as the moral slant parallels my moral view of the universe, and it is wrong if it does not.’

Modern Liberalism is just such an example of such hypocrisy.

Favoring the relative ethics of Humanism and Socialism sprinkled ‘creatively’ with Judeo-Christian teachings, Modern Liberalism’s cardinal dogma is that “the ends justify the means,” or to put it ever so bluntly: “anything goes,” including any extreme imaginable, just so long as the political goals of the revolution are served thereby.

Thus, it is a ‘flexible,’ ‘relativistic’ creed, which turns a blind eye to any dilemma of conscience that a constant round of moral contradictions ought to evoke, one which deliberately fights against all religious involvement in public life, while aggressively campaigning for an ever broader interpretation of just what IS public. That’s troublesome, isn’t it?

Yet, and who dares point this out, the creed and its ideological high priests applaud any decidedly liberal minister of religion, campaign to insure that the most notorious among them are glorified with Noble Peace Prizes and public statues, see to it that their holy lives and hallelujah teachings are mandated for inclusion in public school curriculums and textbooks, and insist that their heaven-cloaked social and political agenda be set up as the ‘beau ideal’ at every ‘cultural awareness’ seminar, every equal opportunity briefing, every leadership training class for ‘public’ employees in the country. There’s no end to hearing their hallowed names in the halls of congresses either. They are the new generation of Saints, the only Saints for which men and women may reverently bow the knee, the only Saints for which men and women must bow the knee, if they know what’s good for them.

Recognizing the religious nature of most human beings as a fact, this creed publicly denounces religious faith as mere speculation, as the so-called ‘opiate of the masses,’ even as it employs every tool of religious manipulation imaginable, the most popular being “the parade of victims tactic,” which plays upon the moral sensitivities common to all men, hoping to create a link in their minds between the Biblical invitation to “love thy neighbor as thy self” and the Marxian mandate to “rob from the rich to give to the poor.”

Further, while this creed has banned our forefathers’ Judeo-Christian based teachings from the classroom, it has often mandated the teaching of the religious traditions of indigenous peoples in those same classrooms, especially when their traditions view property and natural resources in terms of collective ownership.

No wonder!

The truth is Modern Liberalism does not oppose moral law; no, not at all. Rather it haughtily believes that it has a fresher, higher, smarter moral perspective than that contrived by the rough and puerile rabble. Thus, the advocates of this creed feel compelled to share it, to order it, to mandate it. And with the power of the state behind them they have met with great success in decreeing their religion throughout the land.

Among this creed’s leading precepts we find more than a few moral peculiarities:

  1. Unborn babies do not possess the inalienable right to life, but fungi, fruit flies and convicted murderers do.
  2. Ranchers and farmers do not have the right to control, develop and utilize their private property as they think best, but rodents, predators and desert tortoises do.
  3. Business owners who have put their blood, sweat, tears and a great deal of financial risk into engendering an enterprise, do not possess the right to creatively manage their employees as per their best interest, but distant bureaucrats who have never produced a single product for the public to enjoy, who have never created a single job, and who have nothing to risk do.
  4. Religious fundamentalists, heterosexuals, capitalists and middle class European males do not have the moral right to be treated equally before the law, but hedonists, gays, socialists and minorities of every other stripe do.
  5. Gun manufacturers, gun dealers and parents who legally produce, sell, or own private firearms do not have the right to leniency and protection before the law for crimes committed with those weapons by others (thanks to the principle of collective guilt that Modern Liberalism borrowed from Fascism and Communism), (1) but criminals who choose to misuse those same weapons do.
  6. The children of industrious and intelligent parents who have labored a lifetime to provide property, finances, employment and education for their family members do not have the right to be eligible upon their parent’s death to inherit what is rightfully theirs, but unrelated children of indolent and ignorant parents do. (2)
  7. Finally, because this creed defends the utilitarian moral position that the good of the group and the rights of the group always exceed the good of the individual and the rights of the individual—except when the curators of this creed say they do not—no business or businessman has the right to decide its own social responsibility, no school or school teacher has the right to declare its own curriculum, no parent has the right to exercise his or her moral duty as he or she sees fit—but the state does. It is the state which must be fully trusted, fully the dictator of every fine point of moral conduct (except, mind you, deviant conduct. which must be protected at ALL costs as an unalienable right), insuring that the state and hedonistic pleasures are fully worshipped, and that free enterprise, freedom of speech, traditional family values, and freedom of religion are crushed.

That is, traditional Christians and Jews, traditional families, and add to that list traditional capitalists, do not have the right to do business as they please, to speak freely as they please, to worship as they please, but Humanists, Statists, Communists, and all of their friends (including—of recent note—Islamic revolutionaries) do. This is the ideology of Modern Liberalism – what some call dysfunctional morality and others call Statism. It is the religion most closely associated with one of our top two political parties, and the fact that roughly fifty percent of all Americans worship before this alter of state, begging for free food, unjust privileges and endless moral accommodations, stands as a sad testimony of the pathetic state of religion, morality, and education in the United States today.


Original article: Modern Liberalism

Over-Passioned Lice

As for the antagonists and bitter zealots of the superstitious Far Left, those perpetually provoked snowflakes, ever outraged, angry at sunrises and sunsets if only become some people dare to enjoy them…

Please go drown yourself in the sea.

After all, there is no reason not to feed the sharks.

I have watched former friends, colleagues, sons and daughters of acquaintances, and others all dissolve in the acid of false social justice warfare and worship – idol chasing imbeciles.

Fuming and furious over the tiniest phrase, the most harmless reference, science, and even the common tongue. Even now, some defend pedophilia, terrorism, and — if you can believe it — necrophilia along with other depravities.

These people are endangering of losing the very humanity they so claimed to cherish.

It is sad: sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty-plus years of education — all that time, all that money — and not one joule wiser.

Only profound delusion and plastic rage.

How can it be, that those who impose their “utopia” on others are always those that History remembers are genocidal maniacs?

How true it is: the devil teaches you how to tie your own noose… the very one you thought you were making for someone else.

Yesterday’s Dystopian Fiction Is Today’s New World Order

Many of the things that are happening this very moment have direct parallels in literature of the past. Whether it is an account such as the “Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn or a work of “fiction” such as “1984” by George Orwell is irrelevant. Elements of the history or the storyline (regarding the former and the latter works) are now becoming thoroughly inculcated into the fabric of modern reality.

All of the measures taken by the Soviet Union to crush and control its population are beginning to manifest themselves today in the United States. The courts are “stacked” to reflect the decision of the regime and not to rule by law. The Military Industrial Complex contracts are still being shuffled, along with government policies that just happen to substantiate those business interests with kickbacks for all. Laws serve political and corporate interests, and the lawmakers themselves do not represent any of their constituents: they are self-serving thieves, selling out their country and its populace for money and power.

The police departments have (for all intents and purposes) been “federalized,” with budgets and marching orders becoming increasingly dependent upon federal and not local or state policies. Sheriffs who follow their appointed roles as duly-elected law enforcement officials upholding Constitutional guidelines are being “phased out” of existence. The changed demographics of “forced” insertions of illegal aliens and “refugees” into populations are rapidly negating the remainder of the two-party system to ensure that the Democratic party takes control ad infinitum.

Orwell envisioned it. His work is labeled a work of fiction, although all of the measures Oceania pursued are either currently in place in the United States or they’re being developed. There is mass surveillance, increasing by the day. The “internet of things,” as coined by former General David Petraeus, is almost primed to allow “telescreens” to watch our every movement, and a camera on every corner to back them up. Orwell hated totalitarianism, having been exposed to it in his short but accomplished lifetime, and he knew man’s propensity was to move toward the enslavement of his fellow man.

The development of new weapons by DARPA and the MIC are not toward a foreign enemy so much as the purpose of using them against the citizenry. Drones, robots, nanotechnology, and every other “gizmo” able to be employed are all being drawn from behind the black curtain to unleash upon the citizens. Also, the world’s situation is directly paralleling “1984” as three great spheres of influence — Europe, Asia, and North America — are being created by the powers that be. Global governance in “thirds” is probably the NWO end state, as outlined by Orwell for a very significant reason: control with as much ethnic and cultural homogeneity as possible.

It stands to reason that an Oriental (“Eastasia,” in “1984”) empire/totalitarian state would control the Oriental nations, rather than split it up between populations that are not as closely related linguistically and culturally. We are seeing those shifts of influence into the divisions outlined by Orwell now, as the nations jockey for position and power. Just as in “1984,” where it stated that even two of the super-states in alignment and concerted efforts could not together topple the third, perhaps the same is with our world.

The shift is toward totalitarianism, and the populations have been (and are being) conditioned to accept, if not embrace, collectivist thought and socialism. A good example was a film called “the Mutant Chronicles,” in which there were four great super-states that were organized not as nations but as corporations, that made war with one another over resources. We see the blending of government and corporation today in virtually every facet of life, with the illusion of elections and the illusion of choice upheld to keep the population around the dullard state of consciousness.

What will save us from this? Will we be able to save ourselves from it? The more and more one watches freedoms disappearing by the day, the more one must wonder if there is a way to stem the tide. Orwell and Solzhenitsyn — visionary and historian — gave us blueprints to follow — checklists with which to use as frameworks of reference for what is befalling us daily. Someday it may be that the brief period of freedom enjoyed by the American people may be categorized as a “work of fiction” in a future that may not even allow anyone to read it.

Original article: Dystopia


It is astonishing to me there is an entire political party in America, supported and financed by just under half of the American population, who continue to chase after the atrocities of former regimes in former centuries, incapable of admitting their deranged political circuses have murdered hundreds of millions of innocent men, women, and children without so much as a blush.

“This time we’ll get it right,” they promise.

Spirits don’t get tired. They are not even energy as is popularly understood. They are not comprised of protons or electrons or neutrons… but are something else entirely.

And the spirit that is driving these unrepentant minds to future chaos has done so from the beginning. And no matter how many misguided generations die in the march to yet another world war, the mad spirit behind them remains undiminished.

Just as he is willing to sacrifice uncounted millions to usher in his dark kingdom, so are his disciples willing to sacrifice uncounted millions to help him achieve it.

Is it any wonder why Jesus has to rule these degenerates with a rod of iron?

Wrinkled Rebels

“A generation is now growing old, which never had anything to say for itself except that it was young. It was the first progressive generation – the first generation that believed in progress and nothing else…. [They believed] simply that the new thing is always better than the old thing; that the young man is always right and the old wrong. And now that they are old men themselves, they have naturally nothing whatever to say or do. Their only business in life was to be the rising generation knocking at the door. Now that they have got into the house, and have been accorded the seat of honour by the hearth, they have completely forgotten why they wanted to come in. The aged younger generation never knew why it knocked at the door; and the truth is that it only knocked at the door because it was shut. It had nothing to say; it had no message; it had no convictions to impart to anybody…. The old generation of rebels was purely negative in its rebellion, and cannot give the new generation of rebels anything positive against which it should not rebel. It is not that the old man cannot convince young people that he is right; it is that he cannot even convince them that he is convinced. And he is not convinced; for he never had any conviction except that he was young, and that is not a conviction that strengthens with years.”

– G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News of July 9, 1921