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Freedom and the Conscious Mind

The only escape from tyranny is mental freedom, or a move from the unconscious to the conscious mind.

Americans would scoff and laugh at any hint that they don’t have freedom, let alone a conscious mind. Yet we are subject to a system of thought that can and is constantly manipulating our lives. Few even suspect this.

Who has the time and focus to penetrate the hidden agenda of the media and government? For the multitude, there is nothing in their unconscious mind to spark suspicion or inquiry into devious political demagoguery. We practically go through our entire existence in an unconscious state. We pay respect to the very influences that are life-consuming and constantly drain our lives and assets.

Modern psychological force is based on the propaganda doctrines of altruism and self-sacrifice among the people. Anti-productive politicians and bureaucrats use and coerce the public mind with the doctrines of self-sacrifice and altruism. This is a system of appeal to the unconscious mind. When you hear a politician use the term “fairness” or “your fair share,” he is manipulating you to give up something to nonproductive government.

If the manipulative fiction of self-sacrifice were to become widely known, the people could readily see that taxes, regulations and innumerable laws are a complex system of government force.

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You are not chained by anything except what you allow.

It is not about race or sex or income.

It is not about here or there, yesterday or tomorrow.

All that is on you…

All that binds you…

Is in your mind.

Engage your spirit and the chains of bigotry, racism, chauvism, sexism, envy… whatever…

Will slowly fade away and you will be free.

A Kindler & Gentler Slavery

Many of my friends across the philosophical and political aisle firmly believe (and have openly stated) the government (presumably the U.S. government) should be entitled to up to 65% of their income. They believe despite the fact they have all admitted they could not support their current lifestyle if the government actually taxed them at that rate.

I wonder, for those of you who actually endorse this idea that the government deserves 65% of your income do you also believe the government has legal claim to 65% of your total:

  • Investments?
  • Inheritance?
  • Property?
  • Assets?

What about 65% of your

  • Intellectual Property?
  • Creativity?
  • Worship?
  • Family?
  • Time?
  • Life?
  • Joy?

If not, why not? Make no mistake money always comes first to the liberal (they are still stuck in materialism) but it is only the opening prize on their very, very long wish list.

People who want to enslave other people (even under the most seemingly egalitarian of delusions) must tear down those boundaries and barriers wise men have installed that oppose their plans of dominion.

It’s the old saving short list:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of the press
  • Freedom of private property
  • Freedom to keep the majority of what you earn

America was freed by revolution and founded expressly for the purpose of liberating the new nation from the chains of socialism (the monarchy of England) but the same old conspirators are back; men and women and lobbyists dedicated to the utter decimation of human independence, self-destiny and individual accomplishment. Nothing needs or deserves 65% of your existence (including your money): not your city, county, parish, state, country, church, union, guild or club. There are only two causes: 1) the municipalities (city, county, state, federal) are completely seduced by the wealth they have taken from others (without the discipline and hard work to earn it themselves) and are incurable spendthrifts; or 2) the are clandestinely conducting operations that are so expensive they cannot openly admit to needing funding for them. If the U.S. Government had to abide by the same standard accounting practices as every citizen and corporation in our nation it would be bankrupt and its front men imprisoned.

I knew a guy who inherited a great fortune and spent several lifetime’s worth of income in a matter of twenty-four months. Why? It wasn’t his money. There’s always more where that came from. And when he ran out he was thrown back into poverty all for lack of discipline.

Never forget: the spiritual man embraces free will and uses it wisely and for the benefit of the Human Race. The spiritual man achieves this through reason, balance and discipline. The bestial man abhors all freedom (especially that of the will) and schemes tirelessly to put iron yokes back on the necks of those men who have shrugged them off for a far better and freer life.

The spiritual man is a man of singular reason and follows the light; the bestial man is broiling paradox of emotions. The childish person wants—not to achieve himself, but the achievements of others ripped from their work-blistered hands.

There are monsters in every age that shriek and claw at all the joys and freedoms God and Nature gave Man from the beginning and through every age since.

Monsters do not like to hunt. They prefer their victims in chains until such time as their appetite requires their slaughter.