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‘Future Dead Cops’: A Hateful Tweet Exposes an Academic Cancer

Universities house too many propaganda mills masquerading as liberal-arts, social-science, and studies departments.

When Michael Isaacson, an adjunct professor at John Jay College, publicly tweeted about his looking forward to teaching future dead police officers, more than a bit of truth about our system of post-secondary education was encoded in that message. You might think of Isaacson, a self-congratulatory founder of the Antifa thugs, as something of a deviant. He isn’t.

Mike Isaacson
Some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops
11:51 AM – Aug 23, 2017

His tweets reflect what far too many professors on campuses nationwide think but are afraid to say outside the confines of their classroom. Since the 1960s, universities have been increasingly taken over by the far Left, whose members have cloned themselves by imposing tacit political tests for recruitment, promotion, and tenure.

The wide-eyed, long-haired militants who smashed their way into the dean’s office, shouting, “Up against the wall, [expletive deleted],” in a few decades became deans. Within the university, they fashioned every hare-brained policy from social promotions to leftist-dominated studies departments that are merely propaganda fiefdoms organizing for off-campus political activities while masquerading as intellectual disciplines.

There are really two universities: the humanities, the social sciences, and the studies departments versus engineering, business, and the natural sciences. Serious intellectual work still occurs on campus in the latter fields but far less so in the former.

Universities are bureaucratic hierarchies, and hierarchies are status systems. In the contemporary university, status is defined by access to external research support. Universities, especially public universities, can no longer count on public largess as they did decades ago. Departments that can bring in external funding with its generous allocations of overhead money are valued. Others are not. Universities need research contracts and grants to survive.

Universities might talk about their commitments to political correctness, but as Congress exempts itself from its own legislation, so too do universities exempt high-valued departments from the political nonsense they sell the public. As my colleagues in engineering used to chide me, “p.c.” to them meant simply “personal computer.”

The traditional argument for the liberal arts and social sciences was that they broadened students’ intellectual horizons, made them think conceptually, and compelled them to grapple with unpopular ideas. We can debate whether that mission ever was achieved, but one thing is eminently clear: Those goals no longer exist. They have not for decades.
The liberal arts and social sciences are largely, although not exclusively, little playpens inhabited by faculty and students more concerned about the conflict in the street than the life of the mind.

The liberal arts and social sciences are largely, although not exclusively, default majors for students and an assumed safety valve for institutions. These are little playpens inhabited by faculty and students who are more concerned about the conflict in the street than the life of the mind. Their function is to sop up tuition money and provide a dress parade when the government representatives come to do their so-called cultural audits.

The time, energy, and intellectual commitments in the real university do not allow for demonstrating or being concerned about which speakers should be dis-invited. And while the University of California, Berkeley, has gotten a lot of attention for its demonstrations, it should be remembered that at the height of the Free Speech Movement, the strongest and most populous student group was Campus Crusade for Christ, which outnumbered FSM participants about five to one.

During major demonstrations at Berkeley, most students were in class, not in the streets. But that is never news. Even today, Berkeley, which needed phalanxes of armed police to protect the free-speech rights of mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro, boasts one of the best engineering colleges in the country. Rest assured, few if any of Berkeley’s engineering students were embroiled in demonstrations.

The students and faculties of a lesser god have been left to create their own propaganda mills and therapeutic societies based on a leftist ideology that has worked nowhere and came visibly crashing down with the Berlin Wall. At some point, serious intellectuals would not be saying that real Communism has not been tried. They would be responding to the overwhelming weight of evidence that Communism and other leftist fantasies simply do not work. But propaganda mills masquerading as academic disciplines do not care about evidence.

The academic sandboxes, where ideologues were supposed to indulge their fantasies, have spawned a virulent cancer that threatens the very foundations of academic institutions and freedom of thought itself. The propaganda mills need to be broken off physically from the university, and their required propaganda sessions given for course credit need to be terminated.

Most students would never take those courses were they not part of a coercive requirement. If students are left to make their own choices, the worst of the propaganda sessions would die for lack of enrollment.

The function of a university is in part to preserve the best that we have produced as a civilization and to transmit it faithfully to the next generation. Large segments of our universities no longer do that. Professors like Michael Isaacson are concerned more about what glee they might experience in our societal destruction than in its preservation.

The cancer that grows in our universities threatens our society. It needs to be removed.

Original article: “Future Dead Cops”

Such are the pagan dunces that pollute our universities these days.

What Hate Speech Really Is

The creation of “hate speech” is merely a Far Left end run around the First Amendment.

The First Amendment, along with the Second, and others found in the Bill of Rights, represent the most powerful, progressive, and liberating set of values ever conceived after the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.

The ultimate goal of hate speech is to outlaw first the Gospel, and secondly, critical thinking.

Remember: the ultimate motive of anyone who is spiritually dead (governed by fear) is to avoid judgment.

This is the one and only commandment of the Far Left: avoid judgment.

Though it poses as a safeguard to minority rights and positions, it isn’t. The Far Left is basically a horde of deeply traumatized zealots who only ever feel, and never think. And what they feel is always the worst emotions: pain, fear, paranoia, envy, anxiety, wrath, hatred — that is their entire emotional spectrum.

You can tie these people up in tissue paper as they have never thought through any of their propositions past getting what they want. And when you challenge them, they just bark and hiss. Some of the nicest girls I knew in Texas, who moved out to Los Angeles, suddenly transformed into tantrum-throwing militants, attacking and swearing like sailors, the instant you challenged their primitive snowflake theology.

These are the Amorites and Moabites of the Old Testament, perpetually violent, wide-eyed agitators lost in a fugue state of superstitious rage. Intellectually, they are unfinished minds, most of whom have been educated above their intellect: poseurs.

Since they cannot debate or defend any of their positions, they simply outlaw dissent. And when that doesn’t work — when they don’t get what they want, when they lose an election — they start burning things down.

You always find this on the Left. This is how sites like Salon.com and Slate.com get started. Now you can add to that list CNN.com — not a shred of journalistic integrity among them. When you only tell half the story (your half, the half you like) you are now a propagandist, a Michael Moore or an Aaron Sorkin, or the like.

And we always find, more today that in ancient times, that governments never really purge their society of these people because they are perfect Seeds of Violence, by which entire gardens of crises are grown.

Governments promote immorality because immorality always leads to crisis, and any crisis is a perfect opportunity to expand its power over its people. This is why and how these people end up creating the dictatorships they desire — they crave subjugation. The Far Left, being militant and materialistic, always wants the over-powering and over-reaching state.

The Far Left always refuse the sandals of Jesus in favor of the jackboots of Himmler. Then they put those boots on the throats of their enemies.

It is quite a study in dissociative half-thinking, separating causes from effects: Leftists despise invasive, all-powerful corporations (profit) and free markets (diversity, choices) as well as invasive, all-powerful churches (wisdom, truth) as profoundly evil; but an invasive, all powerful government (domination, subjugation) is exactly what they want. Why? Because they believe inanimate objects, like structures, are evil and men are not… and never themselves. Unfortunately, being morally inverted (as the Bible predicted 3,500 years ago) they “call good evil and evil good.”

It is ridiculous logical fallacies like these that demonstrate just how out-of-touch with history, reality, and themselves they really are. It also reveals how corrosive to human progress they really are.

Every step backwards in History started with the Left foot.

They really are contemptible people, these medievalists, and it is really difficult to accept these people still exist in the third millennium after Christ.

Unfortunately, the free people of this Earth, through the centuries, have had to battle these plundering throwbacks since the beginning.

They are about to run into someone they can’t handle… and that is not going to be pretty.

When Life Stops

According to Secretary of State John Kerry in commenting on President Obama’s trip to Cuba: “Life doesn’t stop because one terrible incident takes place.”

Life does stop. Many lives stop, they come to an end when religious murder cults are ignored by the very men entrusted to stop them.

I cannot remember any administration more tone deaf to the suffering of the world than our current one.