Bipolar Disorder

This is a very serious disorder that creates deep, penetrating and uncompromising paranoia in those people who suffer from it.

I’ve known two people who were bipolar, and I am pretty sure I’ve met a dozen since, and there is something just plain scary how utterly out of control these people are with their emotions. They ricochet from beaming joy to venomous spite on a dime.

A breeze can change directions and send these people spiraling into a frothing, self-destructive tailspin.

Empathize, but void if possible.

More Rare Talent – G. Russell Reynolds

If anyone brings the state of acting to its perfection, it is G. Russell Reynolds. With regard to acting, one does not watch Russell act, one experiences it.

Russell is punctual, professional, athletic, dedicated, resilient, eager, clever, innovative, stubborn, maleable, and capable of deep transformations.

His precision is matched only by his tenacity, his tireless search for the sleek and stylish summation of any scene in which he is a part.

Simply, a great actor whom we were pleased to work with, and so hope to do so again.

Rare Talent – Nicole Leigh Jones

When we decided to do Shroud, we were very optimistic about our ability to tell a good story with compelling dramatic elements and brave art direction.  Like any first film, it has been a long painful process, a mixed parade of brilliant successes, stunning achievements, unforseen setbacks, bewildering reversals, endless obstacles and finally — sweet, sweet victory.

We were very fortunate, given the ambitious nature of our first film: we worked with a lot of amazing people who understood this was our first major motion picture, and kindly forgave us the many missteps we made along the way.  Many, who had made films before, offered us advise and guidance on many issues and aspects of the filmmaking process we either didn’t know about, or anticipated only in part.

We broke all the rules and reached as far as we possibly could.

Make no mistake, it was arduous, at best. But the great talent we surrounded ourselves with got us through it.  We owe a great amount of thanks to the cast and crew of Shroud.

Also, like any business venture, our production was infiltrated by some persons who are best described as incompetent, while others were posers, passive aggressive, prickly, predators and some were just plain paranoid.   Despite our best efforts, we failed to weed out these people before allowing them to work along our more generous and accommodating cast and crew.   For our lack of judgment, we owe a great apology to the cast and crew of Shroud for forcing them to endure some plainly unprofessional behavior brought to both the production and post-production phase of our film by these people.

It is worth noting that some people are just deeply fractured, and in places not easily fixed.  These people corrupt the hard work of their peers with suspicion, hearsay, slander and accusations.  Despite the many extreme measures we made to promote a creative and safe environment — meeting as many demands and expectations as we were fiscally capable — some people simply preferred insults, injury and attempts at intimidation.

These people are so perversely biased toward their own interests, that no amount of diplomacy, negotiation or accommodation can or will please them.  Instead, they prefer their minor tyrannies to the more advanced human tier of partnership.   They keep their cold souls warm only through the thick blanket of arrogance in which they wrap themselves.  Their belief in their own sense of entitlement is chilling and palpable.

Fortunately, these people are incapable of subtlety, and invariably play their poor hand in front of everyone, allowing us to finally see them for what they are…and more importantly, what they are not.

Yet, there are many we had the privilege of working with that did not behave so boorishly.  Instead, a few of our cast and crew literally stand as examplars of professionalism, kindness, and cooperation.

One such person is Nicole Leigh Jones.

Possessed as she is of many flawless features and faculties, one might easily assume she is as cold-souled as many others in the entertainment business — I can assure you she is not.

Nicole, more than anyone else on the set of Shroud, demonstrated untiring dedication to our film, despite the long development, grueling hours, remote locations and demanding dialog of the project.  As impossible as it may  be to believe, her great beauty and her rare talent are exceeded only by her compassion and her sterling character.

Thank you, Nicole.

Russia’s Inability to be Benevolent

Can anyone explain to me why this Old World nation simply cannot fathom the seemingly simple concepts of freedom (in all forms: religion, press, free speech, business, ownership) and benevolent co-existence?

It’s like a genetic flaw writ large, on the scale of kingdom.

They just seem perpetually incapable of rising above base territorialism, totalitarianism and barbarism to anything even approaching honorable.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.