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Sumo-Wrestling On Ice.

The Devil always appears as an angel of light.

Satan always comes in the name of compassion, or mercy, or tolerance. He plays to the pride of the dead soul and the ego of the reprobate mind. Ironically, the more intelligent his prey, the easier it is for him to deceive and destroy them. The unsaved are no match for this celestial.

He’s not your friend. He’s not your ally. He’s not the answer you need. He’s not some cool, hip, angelic James Dean who tried to free Mankind from the oppression of that omnipotent bully Yaweh and got kicked out of class for it.

Don’t fool yourself: he never, ever set anyone free.

Whatever version of heaven he’s promised you, or whatever utopia his followers are trying to build — yeah, I’d read the fine print if I were you. These false disciples look at anyone still standing in the Light  — man, woman, child, unborn — and think: “What’s one more body amongst foundations?”

History teaches us all about the children of Cain. First, the burn flags. Second, they burn books. Then they burn everything and everyone else. Atheist or religious, conservative or liberal, us or them, here or there  — these terms are irrelevant: Sumo-wrestling on ice.

And here’s something else for free: everything you’ve heard about Satan is wrong — but that’s his game.

Let this particular elohim anywhere near your life and he will run you in a circle so big you’ll think you’re going straight…

until you end up right back where you started, except now you are the monster you originally started out to stop.


In Old English…

No one ever hindered the wicked by putting chains on the righteous.

Navigating the Elsuon Series

Epic Fantasy Series

Elsuon is 10-part epic fantasy series set in the mythical Kingdom of Nymiria.

Navigating the Series

Elsuon was conceived as a massive singular work consisting of exactly 70 chapters—not counting prefaces and epilogues.

In order to make Elsuon more accessible to fantasy readers, I am publishing 7 chapters at a time over the course of 10 Books.

Here are the first 3 Books in the Elsuon Series.

  1. The Stonecutter’s Son (available now on Amazon Kindle);
  2. Came Synralia (available November 15, 2019); and
  3. The Vantage of Danlayer (available April 1, 2020).

Shortly after April 1, 2020, when the first 3 Books are published, they will be collected into Elsuon: Volume 1.

In the end, there will be 3 Volumes:

  1. Volume 1 – The Stonecutter’s Son (Books 1-3);
  2. Volume 2 – Orphans of Exaltion (Books 4-6); and
  3. Volume 3 – Stormscale (Books 7-10)

When all 10 Books are published, and when they’ve been collected into their respective Volumes, the entire series will be available in a single Master Edition.

Each Book seems to be averaging 250 pages in digital form. Since there are 3 Books in both Volume 1 and Volume 2, respectively, each Volume should weigh in around 750 pages.

Volume 3 has the last 4 Books in it, so it should weigh in around 1,000 pages.

When all this gets collected in a single Master Edition, it should weigh in around 2,500 pages (digitally) —or close to it.

As only the first 4 BooksThe Stonecutter’s Son, Came Synralia, The Vantage of Danlayer, Orphans of Exaltionhave been written as of this post, this estimate (page count) is subject to change. It is also subject to variation depending on what e-book platform they are read.

Please visit the Ghosts of Saarke website for more publishing details.


Robber Barons

Robber baron, a pejorative term for one of the powerful 19th-century U.S. industrialists and financiers who made fortunes by monopolizing huge industries through the formation of trusts, engaging in unethical business practices, exploiting workers, and paying little heed to their customers or competition. Alternatively, those who credit the explosive growth of American capitalism during this period to the indefatigable pursuit of success and material wealth are likely to celebrate these entrepreneurial tycoons as “captains of industry.” Among the sectors in which they compiled their great wealth were the oil, steel, liquor, cotton, textile, and tobacco industries, railroads, and banks.

It has been argued that these capitalist pioneers were the “antecedents” of the organized crime that emerged in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920–33). The robber barons transformed the wealth of the American frontier into vast financial empires, amassing their fortunes by monopolizing essential industries. In turn, these monopolies were built upon the liberal use of tactics that are today the hallmark of organized crime: intimidation, violence, corruption, conspiracies, and fraud.

John Jacob Astor

Among the earliest of the robber barons was John Jacob Astor, a fur magnate who amassed his fortune through the monopoly held by his American Fur Company over the trade in the central and western United States during the first 30 years of the 19th century. This monopoly was achieved in part by crushing rivals and systematically cheating Native Americans of fur pelts. When his competitors complained to the government, Astor’s agents resorted to violence. With his riches, Astor routinely paid off politicians to protect his business interests. At the time of his death, Astor was considered the wealthiest person in the country.

James Fisk

James Fisk, one Wall Street’s first great financiers, accumulated much of his fortune by fraudulent stock market practices. Fisk took much of the considerable money he made from smuggling Southern cotton to Northern mills during the American Civil War and invested it in Confederate bonds. He then swindled European investors by selling short when the defeat of the Confederate army was imminent but before Europe learned that the Confederate currency had collapsed.

In 1866, he formed the brokerage firm Fisk and Belden, and later he and his colleagues protected their control over the Erie Railroad Company by issuing fraudulent stock. Along with his associates, Fisk attempted to corner the gold market by inflating the price, which was accomplished by bribing public officials to keep government gold off the market. The venture brought them vast sums but led to a securities market panic that began on September 24, 1869, a day that was long remembered as Black Friday. At the time, the negative repercussions of the gold hoarding shook the economy and the scandal-plagued administration of Pres. Ulysses S. Grant.

Leland Stanford

Leland Stanford became involved in Republican politics in California and was elected governor in 1861. While governor, Stanford approved millions of dollars in state grants for the construction of a transcontinental railroad line during a period when he was also president of the Central Pacific Railroad. With three colleagues, he formed the Pacific Association and used their combined assets to bribe congressmen and others with political influence in the country’s capital. In return, the association was provided 9 million acres (3.6 million hectares) and a $24 million loan financed by federal bonds.

In addition, Stanford and his associates intimidated local governments into providing millions of dollars in subsidies by threatening to have the rail line bypass their communities. In 1885, Stanford was elected to the U.S. Senate by the legislature and re-elected in 1891. In 1885 also, he established what would later become Stanford University. Stanford died in 1893 worth more than $18 billion in 2004 dollars.

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller made his immense riches from monopolizing America’s oil industry. Conspiring with refinery owners, he helped found what became known as the Standard Oil monopoly. The consortium colluded with the railroads to monopolize oil delivery, prompting competitors to allow themselves to be bought by Standard Oil or be forced to pay outrageous shipping costs that would drive them out of business. These who stubbornly resisted were confronted with price wars. By 1890, the Rockefeller trust controlled approximately 90 percent of the petroleum production in the United States, a situation that led to the passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act that same year.

Other Robber Barons

Among the others who are often counted among the robber barons are financier John Pierpont Morgan, who organized a number of major railroads and consolidated the United States Steel, International Harvester, and General Electric corporations; Andrew Carnegie, who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century; shipping and railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt; industrialist George Pullman, the inventor of the Pullman sleeping car; and Henry Clay Frick, who helped build the world’s largest coke and steel operations. Perhaps ironically, many of the robber barons were also among the most prominent and generous philanthropists in U.S. history.

Original article: Robber Barons

Or, in modern parlance: predator capitalism.

There is no other economic model that has so swiftly and sweepingly liberated hundreds and hundreds of millions of people out of poverty than capitalism.

The verdict is in: capitalism is unmatched.

It has no equal today. It never had an equal. All those false prophets who seduced their nations and peoples to lay down under the boot heels of fascism, communism, totalitarianism, and other various cold socialist models, lie thankfully dead, buried, and forgotten: their failed experiments warnings to the wise.

However, capitalism is still an economic model and as such is vulnerable to those old vices Scripture warn us to avoid: envy, covetousness, greed, deception, and murder.

If you add the prefix predator to anything, you are no better than the robber barons of old: dead greed-soaked souls who are better off shunned from polite society.

The 2016 Electorate – The People Who Live in a Box

2016 Electorate

Gee, I wonder what party has boxed themselves into a corner?

I have just a few scattered points to make here…

I have lost count of the number of people who, being militant members of the Far Left, cannot even admit they are “Far Left.”

Without exception, every single one — man and woman and young adults — all thought they were centrists and moderates.

Every one.

What’s that tell you?

It tells you they’ve been indoctrinated — thoroughly, it turns out. They follow dogma. What does “dogma” mean?

Dogma (noun) – a prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true by a particular group.

And that perfectly describes the entire political catalog of the Far Left: finances, self-defense, gender, race, other. Their positions are pure dogma. They have no compass by which to chart their course through any political or spiritual spectrum. None.

When you show them a chart of where they really are in the political landscape — pinned to the Far Left — they reject the assessment.

Why? Because they’ve been told their entire life that their political lunacy is mainstream. “My precious little minion! You’re really a centrist like me! Didn’t you know?”

People on the Left, especially the Far Left, have no North Star. They have no guiding light beside themselves and their soul lamps are pretty dim. “What I know is what I want,” one Leftist boasted to me back in 2008.

In truth, the Far Left is so fringe and alienated from the political mainstream of our republic, they’ve rationalized everyone else’s civic position as being extreme and outlandish. The ultra-Far Right does this, too, but they are a pitiful minority.

The terms “Far Left” and “Far Right” are always invoked as opposites on a linear spectrum. It is an outdated contrivance and its a poor one. They exist at the exact same radial distance from the truth just in a different sector along a socio-political circumference. I will explain that in a later post.

To the Far Left, the average Conservative stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Nazi war criminals of World War II. Just watch the news on any given moment and you will quickly see how the Far Left, and many Democrats, slander and mock anyone who disagrees with them.

This also explains their contempt for the sitting President: Donald Trump treats them with the same scorn and contempt they (the Far Left) treat everyone else. Ironic how the radical Left cannot swallow its own medicine, isn’t it?

What about the Libertarian? He or she is just a cloak-and-dagger Conservative who lurks in the shadow of an alias.

One example among a dozen: I had a Far Left guy colleague who, besides believing he was a “middle of the road centrist”, claimed all “Conservatives were evil” and “hated their own children.” And he wasn’t kidding. He was completely serious when he said those words. In every other facet of his life, he was completely rational, clever and even witty. But, when it came to politics he transformed, suddenly radical, and became this spewing, blank-faced drone making the most preposterous, irrational, and blatantly false statements. In and out of the political dialogue, you could not believe you were talking to the same man. There was and remains no continuity within him as he holds wildly incompatible opinions and beliefs.

Sound faintly familiar? What’s that sound like?

Cults, for one.

The slave-drivers of the Far Left never tell their members that there is an entire constellation of political thought other than theirs, better than theirs. They have been completely programmed to obey rambling post-modernist and failed Marxist maxims that have never been shown to work in the history of Mankind.

As I am sure the Far Left would explain: it was necessary to exterminate one-hundred-million people in the 20th century to get closer to utopia. Yes, that is the battle cry of the Far Left: “the next genocide will set things right!”

All you have to do is start peeling their rancid political or philosophical onion and they turn into rabid, screeching children. Why? Because they’ve staked their identity on a lie and most of them, at least subconsciously, know it.

That is just one example among dozens that prove their positions are not only false but openly self-contradictory and murderously dangerous.

They’ve been brainwashed into believing continuitycoherence, and logic are unjust.

“But,” they protest, “logic is merely an oppressive instrument of western male patriarchy” and as such, is not only irrelevant but an enemy of human civilization and progress.

No: logic is an enemy to the fool, no one else.

I am not sure how to pull someone down from such preposterous perches or how to deprogram them.

If you’ve followed this blog lately, you have seen my comments on Logos, Pathos, and Ethos, and how Christianity models this triumvirate properly.

The Far Left does not. The Far Left rejects Logos in favor of pure Pathos: wild, untamed, illogical, furious emotion. “If it feels right, do it!” and “I was born this way!” are two of the Far Left’s most famous mantras. Both are wrong as it turns out.

When Christianity finally broke out from under the oppression of the Roman Catholic Church, what happened? After ten centuries of religious persecution, intellectual stagnation, spiritual rot, and devilry — what happened?

The Renaissance and the Reformation! The bloom of the arts and sciences.

Just two simple Christian commands illustrate how this happened:

  1. “All things are possible to them that believe.” (Mark 9:23); and
  2. “Test all things; hold on to the good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

How simple is that?

“You can do anything if you put your mind to it. And once you’ve created or discovered something, see if it is good. If it is good, keep it. If it’s not good, discard it.”

These directives from the New Testament supercharged Mankind’s imagination from the 14th century forward, freeing us to boldly explore and properly manage the material world. By these beautiful ordinances and hundreds of others, our forefathers created a technological, musical, artistic, economic, and political wave we are still riding today in the 21st century.

The Far Left gets this wrong too. They believe it was freedom from Christian superstition and tyranny that allowed this cultural transformation across Europe.

You can’t really blame the Far Left too harshly here, they got 2 out of 3 right.

There was superstition and there was tyranny, but it was not Christianity doing it, if for no other reason than Christianity is neither superstition nor tyrannical, but the Roman Catholic Church was both.

The Roman Catholic Church is not Christianity: it is Roman Catholicism — you should have caught that as it is right there in their name. The Roman Catholic Church is 1/3 Roman imperialism + 1/3 Roman paganism + 1/3 liberal pseudo-Christianity. There may be Christians in that organization, but the organization itself is not Christian by any measure: rites, rituals, sacraments, to say nothing of obeying Jesus Christ or His Apostles who wrote the New Testament.

As usual, the Far Left blames the wrong people. Why does the Far Left, and its confused constituency, not know this? The real reason, the core reason, is because they are pathos-driven pagans. They reject Christianity outright. They are certainly not interested in abandoning their sins. Oh, no, they worship their sins. They build altars to their sins. Pathos is emotion and emotion inevitably melts into emotionalism. There is no logic, no Logos, in emotionalism. It is just pure thrashing mood.

Ironically, the Far Left are materialists bound to materialism. What does that mean? They are excellent with material things. Towards matter, they can be precise, investigating, balanced, objective, curious, and demanding accuracy and proper accounting, etc.

It is amazing how relentless they can be when dealing with something that doesn’t have a soul. Against mere mechanisms, terrestrial and cosmological, they are genuine and formidable.

But the minute — indeed, the instant — you move them to soulish matters, all that vanishes and emotion (usually fear) returns. That’s why you can have a celebrated Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, with all his awards and accolades, who believe infants are “not human.” Not unborn, mind you: born infants.

And since I mentioned materialism three paragraphs back, let’s explore just one of their many, many incoherent positions. The Far Left is constantly barking about the evils of materialism. Odd, since more than any other group, they are the godless ones. They are the ones shrieking that there is no Father in heaven, no Son, no Holy Ghost: the sky is empty and no one is listening. If you disavow the supernatural, what are you left with?

The natural.

What is ‘the natural?’


What is Nature?


Just follow this: the very people who are trying to convince you that there is nothing but the material world, are shocked when those who believe them accumulate as much of the material world as possible.

They are creating their own problem. If there are no divine reinforcements coming — no angels, no answered prayers — why are these half-wits surprised when people start hoarding the very matter that they claim is all there is?

How stupid do you have to be to condemn the very condition your dead philosophy creates?

And that’s just one gem from the Far Left. This also explains why every single serious Leftist is a Marxist at heart and a student of economics: they want all that material gain for themselves. The claim that they are going to share the wealth with everyone else is a blatant and genocidal lie. The 20th century should have proved that to everyone once and for all.

But here again, we find the Far Left is guilty of the very thing they accuse others of being. It is the Far Left that is the most materialistic of Man’s many silly sects. 

These points (and many others I have not touched on here) demonstrate how brazenly self-contradictory these people are. That’s not just a crease running through their claims, that’s a schism. That’s a soul-deep fracture, a fault-line that runs right through their minds and hearts.

Returning to point, it was the liberation of Christianity from under the boot heel of a thousand years of mad and debauched popes that allowed the world to flourish. Like the Far Left, the Roman Catholic Church is also a violent, left-leaning throwback to the Dark Ages. Once Christianity escaped it, the world flourished.

Oh, and how did the Roman Catholic Church suppress the truth of Christianity? They perpetrated the same hoax over the centuries that the Far Left is perpetrating today:

They militarized language and what language remained, the confiscated.

The Roman Catholic Church forbade any layperson from even having a Bible, and those who were allowed to own a bible had to read the Scriptures in the long-dead language of the Roman Empire: Latin. As few could read Latin, the Roman Catholic Church secured its false position as God’s sovereign voice in the world.

Someone should tell the Roman Catholic Church that Satan is not the hero of the New Testament.

Today, the Far Left is doing the exact same thing: attacking language. They are redefining terms and definitions to include everything those same terms and conditions were created to exclude. This is linguistic heresy.

Around this point in the conversation (and this is another sidenote) some illiterate fool brings up Galileo (1564-1642), claiming Christianity was persecuting science.

Take note, you’ve just run into more Far Left propaganda.

If there was a true Christian in Galileo’s confrontation with the Roman Catholic Church, it was Galileo, and certainly not the Roman Catholic Church.

Galileo believed the Scripture “Test all things; hold on to the good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). The “father of observational astronomy” used a new invention called the telescope (circa 1608) and proved the geocentric models of Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe, and Nicolaus Copernicus were all false. A “new” model, the heliocentric model, was true, just as the Greek astronomer Aristarchus (310-230 BCE) suspected. So, it wasn’t that “new” after all.

Was Galileo rewarded for ‘testing all things and holding on the good?’ No, he wasn’t.

Do you know why?

Because the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian that it would honor Holy Scripture, especially 1 Thessalonians 5:21. The Roman Catholic Church was pagan.

How do you know?

The Roman Catholic Church was still in love with Aristotle’s (384-322 BCE) conclusions 1,500-years earlier, including his geocentric model.

By the way, Aristotle was a pagan.

So, in that debate, a pagan Roman Catholic Church persecuted the only guy in the room actually doing what Scripture demanded. That man’s name was Galileo.

Just one more historical episode the Far Left turns upside-down for political gain.

Friends, flee from fools. Abandon the Far Left.

As for the rest:

Science is Scripture’s best friend, history her handmaiden, and logic her finest law.


Anduril 2

Narsil was a longsword wielded by King Elendil during the War of the Last Alliance and used by his son, Isildur, to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand during the final battle of that war. It was later reforged into Andúril and would become the sword of Aragorn II Elessar.


The sword was forged during the First Age by the famed Dwarven-smith Telchar of Nogrod.

Second Age

War of the Last Alliance

During the final battle between the Last Alliance and Mordor, Narsil broke into two pieces when Elendil and Gil-galad fought Sauron themselves and were slain. Taking up the handle-shard of Narsil after his father’s defeat, Isildur cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand, defeating him.

Isildur took the shards home with him. Shortly before he was killed in the second year of the Third Age in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields, the shards were rescued by Ohtar, squire of Isildur. He took them to Arnor, where they passed to the next king, Isildur’s son, Valandil.

Third Age

The shards of Narsil were passed down as an heirloom by the heirs to the throne of Arnor among the Dúnedain of the North. The sword’s last owner was Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

War of the Ring

Before the Fellowship of the Ring departed Rivendell on the Quest of the Ring, the shards of Narsil were reforged by the Elves into Andúril, which Aragorn carried into the battle of Gondor and the battle of the Black Gate of Mordor, which was fought so Frodo and Sam could throw the ring into the Cracks of Doom in Mount Doom.


In Quenya, Narsil means “Red and white flame” from nár (“fire) and thil (“white flame”). It symbolizes the Sun and Moon, the “chief heavenly lights, as enemies of darkness”.

Original article: Narsil

Other swords such as Anduril, Glamdring, and Sting were beautifully rendered by the Weta Workshop for Peter Jackson’s film trilogies, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, respectively.