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Sumo-Wrestling On Ice.

The Devil always appears as an angel of light.

Satan always comes in the name of compassion, or mercy, or tolerance. He plays to the pride of the dead soul and the ego of the reprobate mind. Ironically, the more intelligent his prey, the easier it is for him to deceive and destroy them. The unsaved are no match for this celestial.

He’s not your friend. He’s not your ally. He’s not the answer you need. He’s not some cool, hip, angelic James Dean who tried to free Mankind from the oppression of that omnipotent bully Yaweh and got kicked out of class for it.

Don’t fool yourself: he never, ever set anyone free.

Whatever version of heaven he’s promised you, or whatever utopia his followers are trying to build — yeah, I’d read the fine print if I were you. These false disciples look at anyone still standing in the Light  — man, woman, child, unborn — and think: “What’s one more body amongst foundations?”

History teaches us all about the children of Cain. First, the burn flags. Second, they burn books. Then they burn everything and everyone else. Atheist or religious, conservative or liberal, us or them, here or there  — these terms are irrelevant: Sumo-wrestling on ice.

And here’s something else for free: everything you’ve heard about Satan is wrong — but that’s his game.

Let this particular elohim anywhere near your life and he will run you in a circle so big you’ll think you’re going straight…

until you end up right back where you started, except now you are the monster you originally started out to stop.


In Old English…

No one ever hindered the wicked by putting chains on the righteous.

Wifeplay: Fight for Her

chainmail khytherian

No matter a woman tells you, she does want to know how far you will go for her.

Do you blame her? Her choice are lifelong ones, not temporary ones based on one night of pleasure (men can’t always say the same thing).

She is looking for a lover who will romance her, a swain who will court her, a knight to kill her dragons, a father to her children, a spiritual mentor, a man who will go to battle for her.

She should not be wearing your armor.

You should be wearing your armor.

And your sword.

She is your kingdom.

Kingdoms are fought for, won, and kept by peace and prosperity.

Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide

The millionaire convicted of operating a profane underage sex-ring for the political powerful of the world was allowed to commit suicide today.

Right on schedule.

Don’t worry, noble citizens! Our completely effective and reliable Federal Bureau of Investigation and our equally impartial Department of Justice is on the case!

Rights Without Duties

Rights without duties—that is to say: rights that neither beget duties nor come from them—aren’t rights.

They are just more wrongs…

heaped on more wrongs…

heaped on more wrongs…