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1920’s Style Collage

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Reboot Hollywood

It just may well be with the recent outing of so many career sexual predators (protected by their studios) that Hollywood’s Far Left, century-long rape culture is finally being dragged out into the sunlight where it can finally exposed and sterilized.

On the strength of DC’s sterling Wonder Woman and Marvel’s innovative Cinematic Universe now culminating in Black Panther‘s unbridled success and cultural import — movies tens of millions of people have been waiting to see for well over fifty years! — we, as a country, may be experiencing a watershed moment where we can finally, after so many abuses and deceptions, call for a reboot not of another franchise or film series…

but of Hollywood itself.

The Far Left’s almost 100-year institutional oppression of women, children, minorities, people of faith, liberals, conservatives, artists and storytellers may finally be crumbling.

And friends, it is not a damn day too soon.

And like all dying behemoths, the doddered and dry-minded studios, long exhausted of even a mote of imagination, will…

as their dull, cold-blooded, reptilian ancestors did so long ago…

stare in wide-eyed shock at the blazing meteor about to annihilate them.

You want to talk about something that needs to die?

To hell with Hollywood.

Throw Hollywood in a tar pit along with all the other bones of all the other monsters.

Time for new blood, new visions and visionaries, new thoughts, new platforms, new media, and a return — yes, a return — to those ancient pristine things: the silver soulful excellence and high work of gray ages past, that never go out of style.

I say again: reboot Hollywood.

Bad Science Fiction

Only with TV logic can one imagine a future (Star Trek) in which people can create any thing they want any time they want (replicator) and live in a permanently imaginary world without any consequences (holodeck) and expect those same people to not only be not greedy, but socially conscious, egalitarian, and moral.

The theory goes something like this: give someone everything they want and magically they will grow tired of it, and no longer desire it. Or, restraint by indulgence.

It is a particularly odd belief system that proposes one can wean people off their addictions, and avoid others entirely, by offering addicts an endless supply of whatever it is they wanted in the first place.

Apparently, people can only be greedy if they have a limited supply of money, but not an endless supply of whatever it can buy.

Extrapolating further: people are only selfish when resources are finite not infinite, immoral only if there is some expectation they shouldn’t be, or cruel in real situations but not holographic ones.

This is all dismissed under the pretenses of some “enlightenment” but we are never told what the source of that enlightenment is. Like money, it is summarily written off with no explanation. Valuation clearly still exists in the future — it has too — but the economics are, of course, never revealed because they cannot exist, even in fantasy.

I actually like Star Trek, well The Original Series (TOS) before the others, but like everything else, up to and including evolution, the series is wildly and persistently fraudulent (openly deceptive) about the future it presents.

Star Trek as insignificant entertainment can be enjoyed, but its broader philosophical claims are provably false.

One example among dozens: evolution.

Ask any evolutionist — be a good Darwinist and pick one at random — and they will tell you that if you were rewind the “evolutionary clock” to zero and start over, the entire ecology of the Earth (plant and animal) would bear no resemblance to what we enjoy today. In fact, reset the clock five-and-a-half  billion years and you lose the very formation of the planet Earth itself far more many times than you would win it. As for life, it would not only be different, it would be wildly different. Start over a million times and you have a million bizarre landscapes, alien species without end, none resembling the other. Or worse, you wouldn’t get any life at all, given how infinitesimal the odds of cellular life are by blind chemistry. Across all those million attempts, you would never see humans emerge again — or dinosaurs, or whales, or birds, or amphibians, or insects. That is the bleak neverscape totally random mutations (real Darwinism) impose.

Yet, Star Trek demands not only did man evolve from primordial goo (against all chemical, genetic and mathematical evidence to the contrary) so did every other humanoid race in the universe.

They try to explain this by some ancestral world-seeding but even that fails in even the most forgiving evolutionary paradigm. But they don’t care: they’re selling evolution, so its actual efficacy is irrelevant. That’s how you know its not a show about science but scientism: philosophy masquerading as science.

Star Trek is really about atheism and technolatry — the worship not of God but of Man and his technology — and once you realize it, you see it for the religious nonsense it is.

The answer all paganism ultimately can ever give is “Because it is!”

It doesn’t matter how implausible a method or impossible a mechanism they hold up, the answer is ultimately “Because it is!” Gaps be damned. And there are a lot of gaps.

All questions cosmological, astronomical, geological, hydrological, chemical, molecular, genetic, anatomical and (even now in our age) economic, sexual, or moral are answered with “Because it is!”

The old scientific dictum that ‘everything kinda needs to make sense in relation to each other’ is now so shot through with colossal evolutionary contradictions, legions of exceptions, ad hoc constraints, and no few paradoxes, only a zealot holds on to it.

We have enough science now, and have had for about a century, to turn its razors on itself.

And that, friends, is a close shave most atheists do not want to have.

Forced and Twisted

1:21:30 into Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Yoda (as Force Ghost) giggles as he destroys the ancient Jedi tree, Jedi scriptures, and effectively ends 35,000 years of Jedi knowledge and wisdom.

Like a Klansman setting a Christian cross on fire, proving he is heretic to the teaches of Christ, so does Yoda set fire to the Jedi tree, proving his disloyalty.

The truth is neither Luke Skywalker nor Yoda are actually in The Last Jedi. What are onscreen are impersonators, hijacked doppelgangers acting in direct contravention to Lucas’ original canon.

This because the original implications of the Jedi/Sith conflict represent an “inflexible binary moral judgmentalism” that all unbelievers despise. They do not calmly disagree with judgment:

They despise it.


Sounds bizarre but it is true.

Do you know why?

They confuse science for technology and technology for morality. It is the inevitable blindness of being self-deceived.

Existence is binary but not merely in right or wrong. It isn’t even about good or evil.

Existence is binary: Life or death.

And when you throw off Life you rack up death, even if it is by fractions: it is an unalterable law.

So every time you discard the protocols of Life, thinking you are free

Well, you are free — free from Life.

All you’ve done is put on some death — here a little, there a little. That’s hardly an achievement, despite how proud you are at your “independence.”

This is all elementary, but the dead cannot see it.

“Professing themselves wise, they become fools.” This verse is just one 7,956 trying to keep you alive, and more alive than you and the entire field of biology can imagine. And it is one of 7,956 the dead don’t believe.

So, as so many have before them, Disney simply bought the world-famous Star Wars brand, and starting with millennial poster boy J. J. Abrams, and now with Rian Johnson, have aggressively begun redefining all terms, conditions, and philosophies within the franchise to their primitive viewpoint.

The characters you once loved…

Will soon become the characters Buena Vista loves.

This is Disney going out of their way to convince you the Star Wars Trilogy and the prequels were not only irrelevant, they were wrong.

And as so many have promised, given enough time, future generations will have no knowledge of what this brand really stood for in the beginning.

Absolutes, moral value judgments, and actual justice are not welcome in the Magic Kingdom or any of its properties.

This is not a brave new direction for this franchise or any other.

This is going back to all the shadowy pits that Christianity nicely pulled the world out of twenty centuries ago.

And the only people who cannot see that, frankly, are those who love deep dark places and are more than willing to put you in one.