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From the Irrational Anger of a Child

I have long recognized so-called “atheism” is nothing more than a child’s tantrum projected into the sciences, mathematics, experience, history, and spirituality.

Professing themselves to be sophisticated men, they are merely bitter children who have honed their contempt for their own parent(s) to such a razor’s edge, they can deny all of reality—the universe and everything in it and beyond it—in favor of their hatred.



Franciscan University Presents: Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism

Long ago, even as a child, I saw a obvious correlation between angry children and their absent, abusive or alienated fathers (or mothers) and their embrace of atheism.

Even today, my opening inquiry to atheists I meet is “What is your relationship with your father?” Or, in some cases, “What is your relationship with your mother?”

Almost to a person (99%) they will reveal animosity either to or from one or both of their parents.

Atheism is an emotion.

Doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, police officers, technicians, bakers, entertainers, soldiers, film professionals—it doesn’t matter.

The answer is always the same.

Thus, I have long recognized most atheists are merely projecting the indifference they have for their father or mother to their Divine Parent.

In my experience, the correlation is so strong as to be 1:1.