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Farewell, Nike


One is under no obligation to buy products from misguided companies. I am a patient person, and I allow even the worst of people their dark ways…

up to certain points.

And one of those points is the Flag of the United States of America.

If you think honoring the symbol of this country is a petty expression of tribalism or arbitrarily approving of all things done in its name…

What can be said? I regard you as a faithless and degenerate servant and a clouded mind. And whatever is wrong with you certainly lies beyond my power to repair.

You’re just another goat.

Being ungrateful is hardly an achievement and it is certainly not worthy of praise.

Thus, I give to you according to what you have done: disloyalty.

Everything I owned with the name “Nike” on it I just cut up with box cutters and threw it in the trash bin.

I will divert all future dollars to a company of greater conscience.

No more Nike shoes, shirts, gym bags — ever.