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The cup in the Lord’s right hand will come around to you, and utter disgrace will come upon your glory.

Habakkuk 2:16B

Guess what happens when you are dumb enough to vote God out?

He leaves.

You are now seeing what happens to a culture, a nation, when it refuses to acknowledge the Father.

Pettiness, bickering, finger-pointing, envy, rage, division, hatred, violence…

for starters.


Even the Hardest Ice Will Eventually Melt

In a culture designed from the beginning to be a melting pot, cultural appropriation is an imaginary crime.

Call it what you will: cultural appropriation, cultural misappropriation, etc.

Claim it has no relationship with acculturation or assimilation — whatever.

Whether the adoption reflects deep admiration or mere art…

that’s what it is: admiration or mere art.

There are a legion of far more significant matters on which to be focused.

Remember: if it doesn’t go both ways (Continuity of Proofs) then it is a false argument.

For example: if a vulgar, drunk, drug-using, licentious, arrogant, greedy, adulterous, violent, wife-beating rap star is upset because someone other than the ethnic group he identifies with is wearing their hair in dreadlocks…

if that same rap star is wearing the Christian cross around his neck…

Then the argument fails.

There is actually a more accurate word available to us in English to describe this phenomena:


Ahead of Halloween, Universities Nationwide Tell Students What Not to Wear

Throughout October, universities across the nation are warning their students against Halloween costumes some consider offensive.

Gone are the days when college students could dress up without fear of being reported to a bias response team. In recent years, more and more campus leaders have made it their mission to warn students what not to wear.

Fliers, memos, workshops and more impart the admonitions.

“Unacceptable costumes” listed on a University of St. Thomas diversity flier are “wearing Native American headdresses, dressing up as a ‘Mexican’ by wearing a sombrero, dressing as a ‘geisha,’ any form of blackface.”

“Cultural appropriation is defined as ‘the act of taking intellectual and cultural expressions from a culture that is not your own, without showing that you understand or respect the culture,’” explains a University of St. Thomas diversity memo to students.

“This can be as simple as wearing a Dashiki without knowledge or respect to West African culture, and as serious as wearing a fake Native American headdress without any regard of its sacredness,” adds the memo. “It generally incorporates a history of prejudice and discrimination by perpetuating long-standing stereotypes.”

At UC Santa Barbara, a social justice workshop set for Tuesday will delve into how Halloween costumes abuse “indigenous wear” and teach students how to “spot appropriation with the help of bell hooks’ essay ‘Eating the Other.’”

At a “Conversation Circle” at Princeton University this Sunday, students will “engage in a dialogue about the impact of cultural appropriation, Halloween, and why culture is not a costume.”

MORE: Campus police to probe ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes, students told

guide put out by Northern Arizona University’s Housing and Residence Life warns against African-inspired get ups, a Pocahontas costume, Asian rice hats and more.

A workshop scheduled for Tuesday at the University of Southern Indiana will include a discussion of cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes and culminate with an opportunity for students to make their own costumes that
are “culturally appropriate,” according to an online event description.

An October letter written by members of University of Utah’s student affairs diversity council states: “As you get ready for Halloween here are some tips you can put into practice. Think to yourself: ‘Does the actual name on the costume packaging say ‘tribal’ or ‘traditional’? Does the costume include race related hair or accessories (dreads/locs, afros, cornrows, a headdress)? Does the costume play into racial stereotypes? … If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should rethink the costume and try again.”

Meanwhile, a “Not Your Festival Wear” workshop is slated for Oct. 24 at Minnesota State University Moorhead and Vanderbilt feminists will help to lead an event about cultural appropriation “just in time for Halloween,” its website states.

A “Halloween and Cultural Appropriation Tabling” at Goucher College earlier this month explained to students that the “scariest thing about your costume isn’t what you think,” and a cultural appropriation diversity workshop already took place at Texas A&M University onOct. 9.

The University of New Hampshire went so far as to host an entire cultural appropriation “teach in” last week that didn’t just stick to Halloween but also included Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los Muertos.

Original article: Banned Halloween Costumes


Anyone who has read more than one post of this blog knows well my feelings on the corrosive and regressive group-think commonly known as “political correctness.”

Totalitarianism is cruel and murderous.

But long before that it is imbecilic.

The reason why thinking men and women must eventually be shot in dictatorships is because, unlike the legions of the witless and cowardly, the wise and the strong never conform to despotism.

We got a far, far better deal.

Hijacking a Good Name Only to Abandon Its Good Cause

You imagined, when you wrote last, that I might possibly be reckoned among the approvers of certain proceedings in France, from the solemn public seal of sanction they have received from two clubs of gentlemen in London, called the Constitutional Society and the Revolution Society.

I certainly have the honor to belong to more clubs than one, in which the constitution of this kingdom and the principles of the glorious Revolution are held in high reverence, and I reckon myself among the most forward in my zeal for maintaining that constitution and those principles in their utmost purity and vigor. It is because I do so, that I think it necessary for me that there should be no mistake. Those who cultivate the memory of our Revolution and those who are attached to the constitution of this kingdom will take good care how they are involved with persons who, under the pretext of zeal toward the Revolution and constitution, too frequently wander from their true principles and are ready on every occasion to depart from the firm but cautious and deliberate spirit which produced the one, and which presides in the other.

Edmund Burke: Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790.

Man But a Speck, ’til He Connects With God Through Reason

Knowest thou what a speck thou art in comparison with the Universe?—That is, with respect to the body; since with respect to Reason, thou art not inferior to the Gods, nor less than they. For the greatness of Reason is not measured by length or height, but by the resolves of the mind. Place then thy happiness in that wherein thou art equal to the Gods.

Epictetus, Golden Sayings of Epictetus, XXXIII, Epictetus (A.D. 50-A.D. 138).

Escape Now

Any system of thought that must keep its members whipped up in a perpetual frenzy, a constant state of offense and anger, always increasing the magnification of their indignation in search of new and imperceptible triggers, is not a system of thought at all.

It is a system of wild and illegitimate emotions.

It is just gutter rage.

Escape now.