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France is Fallen

Flag France - upside-down


The Sixth Book


By Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Roman Emperor

VIII. According to the nature of the universe all things particular are…

determined, not according to any other nature, either about compassing and containing; or within, dispersed and contained; or without, depending. Either this universe is a mere confused mass, and an intricate context of things, which shall in time be scattered and dispersed again: or it is an union consisting of order, and administered by Providence. If the first, why should I desire to continue any longer in this fortuit confusion and commixtion? or why should I take care for anything else, but that as soon as may be I may be earth again? And why should I trouble myself any more whilst I seek to please the Gods? Whatsoever I do, dispersion is my end, and will come upon me whether I will or no. But if the latter be, then am not I religious in vain; then will I be quiet and patient, and put my trust in Him, who is the Governor of all.

The Sixth Book

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident: That All Nations Are Not Created Equal

The core truth why immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees (into the tens of millions) exist is because
all countries are not created equal.

But, if you think North Korea offers the same social beneficence as America, you are certainly welcome to move there.

Beliefs count — in people, countries, kingdoms, systems, businesses, models and faiths.

And beliefs linger.

The Roman Empire (well, the Western part of it) has been gone for over 1,500 years. What does anyone remember about it?

Usually two things:

  1. Julius Caesar thought he was a God so the Roman Senate collectively stabbed him to death on their doorstep; and
  2. the Roman Coliseum (Flavian Amphitheatre), where anyone the Romans or their Emperors didn’t like were herded into a stadium and regularly slaughtered for sport.

One last word on the Roman Empire: it is still around except now it is draped in the symbols and sacraments of the better Christian faith. It is a poor impersonation.

Beliefs count. Ultimately, they may be the only thing that truly counts.

If you actually do not know that…

And there is no nice way to put this:

You are categorically stupid.

And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

What do you believe?

The Tenth Against Arrogance

On this law, dependeth another, “That at the entrance into conditions of Peace, no man require to reserve to himselfe any Right, which he is not content should be reserved to every one of the rest.” As it is necessary for all men that seek peace, to lay down certaine Rights of Nature; that is to say, not to have libertie to do all they list: so is it necessarie for mans life, to retaine some; as right to governe their owne bodies; enjoy aire, water, motion, waies to go from place to place; and all things else without which a man cannot live, or not live well. If in this case, at the making of Peace, men require for themselves, that which they would not have to be granted to others, they do contrary to the precedent law, that commandeth the acknowledgement of naturall equalitie, and therefore also against the law of Nature. The observers of this law, are those we call Modest, and the breakers Arrogant Men. The Greeks call the violation of this law pleonexia; that is, a desire of more than their share.

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan – Chapter XV – Of Other Lawes of Nature

Always Misquoted

To break forth bloodily, then the past must be obliterated and a new start made. Let us now start fresh without remembrance, rather than live forward and backward at the same time. 

Anyone who reads is well aware of the attempts of some to divorce Man from his past. This is a recurring theme in modern Hollywood revisionist films from the X-Men series, the Star Trek reboot, to Disney’s strangely self-alienating Star Wars sequels.

Anything that brings guilt is hated by those people who simply want to do whatever they want… to themselves and others without a mote of shame or consequence.

The ice cold indifference of such men and women has, throughout history, splattered the Human canvass red with war and horror since the beginning.

This isn’t really a modern phenomenon: Man has always wanted to be his own god, and history shows how pitifully short of that goal he continually falls.

In their pursuit of self-destruction, a great many persons on the Far Left despise Christianity. They do not merely disagree with it, they oppose it—militantly.

Since only the bravest people even read the Bible, we must endure with great patience billions of people terrified of scriptural phantoms they themselves created.

It is both strange and saddening how many people are enamored with death and damnation — enemies of Life — but then malice is rarely logical.

Which brings us to the above quote.

Like so many other great authors, T. H. White is constantly hijacked to plead for the abandonment of the past, especially the benevolence and peace found in wisdom of older, better works. As for T. H. White, he was no friend of the Christian faith, yet even passing references are culled away from his work to prevent any association with politically incorrect courage.

After all, you don’t need all the enslaving madness of the Far Left if you have the superior and liberating words of someone like Jesus.

So, here is the actual quote:

The blessing of forgetfulness: that was the first essential. If everything one did, or which one’s fathers had done, was an endless sequence of Doings doomed to break forth bloodily, then the past must be obliterated and a new start made. Man must be ready to say: Yes, since Cain there has been injustice, but we can only set the misery right if we accept a status quo. Lands have been robbed, men slain, nations humiliated. Let us now start fresh without remembrance, rather than live forward and backward at the same time. We cannot build the future by avenging the past. Let us sit down as brothers, and accept the Peace of God.

T. H. White, The Once and Future King