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In Old English…

No one ever hindered the wicked by putting chains on the righteous.

Wifeplay: Fight for Her

chainmail khytherian

No matter a woman tells you, she does want to know how far you will go for her.

Do you blame her? Her choice are lifelong ones, not temporary ones based on one night of pleasure (men can’t always say the same thing).

She is looking for a lover who will romance her, a swain who will court her, a knight to kill her dragons, a father to her children, a spiritual mentor, a man who will go to battle for her.

She should not be wearing your armor.

You should be wearing your armor.

And your sword.

She is your kingdom.

Kingdoms are fought for, won, and kept by peace and prosperity.

The Superiority of Christianity

puppet 2

If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Gospel of John 8:36

Christianity forgives your past and sets you free.

Those who despise Christianity despised Christ first, and they will scour your past for even the slightest misstep, the wrong glance, the wrong word spoken out of turn and then demand a social media lynching, an abdication, or prison.

You know why?

Because the opposite of John 8:36 is true too:

If the devil, therefore, shall make you a slave, ye shall be a slave indeed.

Soon the devil will have you warping language, rewriting history, denying science, burning books, tearing down statues, and vandalizing graves…

like the dancing hate-puppet you are.