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חֲדַר הַאִישָׁה

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Nothing Is Impossible

If there is no enemy within… the enemy outside can do us no harm…. Goodmorning beautiful souls 💞 #Grind #Mindset #hxfitness #beastfactory @beastfactoryfitness @hxfitness

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Maximizing greatness ✨#AndYesItBurns

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Even the Hardest Ice Will Eventually Melt

In a culture designed from the beginning to be a melting pot, cultural appropriation is an imaginary crime.

Call it what you will: cultural appropriation, cultural misappropriation, etc.

Claim it has no relationship with acculturation or assimilation — whatever.

Whether the adoption reflects deep admiration or mere art…

that’s what it is: admiration or mere art.

There are a legion of far more significant matters on which to be focused.

Remember: if it doesn’t go both ways (Continuity of Proofs) then it is a false argument.

For example: if a vulgar, drunk, drug-using, licentious, arrogant, greedy, adulterous, violent, wife-beating rap star is upset because someone other than the ethnic group he identifies with is wearing their hair in dreadlocks…

if that same rap star is wearing the Christian cross around his neck…

Then the argument fails.

There is actually a more accurate word available to us in English to describe this phenomena: