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Wifeplay: Fight for Her

chainmail khytherian

No matter a woman tells you, she does want to know how far you will go for her.

Do you blame her? Her choice are lifelong ones, not temporary ones based on one night of pleasure (men can’t always say the same thing).

She is looking for a lover who will romance her, a swain who will court her, a knight to kill her dragons, a father to her children, a spiritual mentor, a man who will go to battle for her.

She should not be wearing your armor.

You should be wearing your armor.

And your sword.

She is your kingdom.

Kingdoms are fought for, won, and kept by peace and prosperity.

Elsuon – Amazon Review (★★★★★)

Elsuon Offer

This is an epic fantasy with a different, fresh prose. Unapologetic in his exercise of the English language (another reason to be thankful for the Kindle Dictionary) the author educates as he entertains. Regular readers will appreciate the sentence structure and word choices enhancing the story and a deeper immersion into this world. Unique and artistic would be a fair summary.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book though the end is unexpectedly abrupt — understanding the story is multiple volumes helps to both forgive, and generate anticipation for the next book!

Full disclosure: the author is an old, close friend who has honed his gift, weaving tales and illustrations both verbal and visual, since we were youngsters. I’m relieved David has finally “formalized his gifts” so to speak… we’ve begged him for years.

Discovering D&D, creating worlds and wonder (this book being a small fraction thereof) – the nostalgia of reading our adventures is heavy and sweet.

I’m giddy with anticipation for the unraveling tales of our youth and we are definitely out of the gate at a spirited pace! One request – we need a map of this world in a future book!

From Amazon buyer PraeValien

A great review from an old friend.

Elsuon Quote

Without the anvil

Elsuon – The Stonecutter’s Son is the first novel in an epic high fantasy series now available on Amazon Kindle here.

Elsuon is a 10-book fantasy series with each book (250+ digital pages) being released every four months or so. The series will be available as 10 separate Books.

These 10 Books will be divided into 3 Volumes, and eventually 1 Master Edition upon completion. 

The Ghosts of Saarke Website

The Ghosts of Saarke website is dedicated to the epic high fantasy series Elsuon, its sequels, and other collections now available.

Visit Ghosts of Saarke for further details and dates for the Elsuon Series.


Elsuon – The Stonecutter’s Son on Kindle Unlimited

Epic Fantasy Series

Elsuon – The Stonecutter’s Son is available for free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

For 90 days until November 4th, 2019, readers can enter the World of Elsuon without paying a toll, bribing the guards, sneaking through the wicket, or teleporting.

Shortly after this introductory phase is over, the sequel Came Synralia will be available (November 15, 2019).

Elsuon is epic fantasy book series that follows the adventures of an architect’s son in the time-wrecked country of Nymiria.

Acclaimed for its style and celebrated for its rich imagination, Elsuon – The Stonecutter’s Son is a bold new entry into the fantasy genre.

Read Elsuon – The Stonecutter’s Son today for free through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.


Elsuon Glossary: L

Epic Fantasy Series

Ladelskarp, Osden – The former treasurer to Old Fayaway; buyer of precious stones, and colleague of Branadan.

Lady of the Long Glance – Nickname for Helane Blackthorn.

Lambion – Form-fitting apparel for women similar to a high-cut brief, tanga or thong. Worn as under/outerwear depending on the fabric.

Lancider, King – First king of Nymguarde and wielder of the Sword of Exaltion. Son of Lancidorn, grandson of Lansedora.

Land of Consequence – Nickname for Nymiria because of their devotion to the Andialogue.

Lapidaries of the Eastern Fortunes, The – Geological catalog of precious gems and stones in Nymiria. Written by Varda Sinwinter.

Lasari – Erotic dancers in the desert kingdom of Ciburnia who often double as spies.

Last Light of Aeolain – Mysterious artifact said to have been left by Aeolain after his translation. A brilliant white gem identified by Andom the Exile in Aerunasca’s vault under the watchtower.

Lauzon, Sharrow – Royal historian, chronicler, and friend of Branadan and Suleon Preed from Liorganda.

Leathe-Saarkes – A person who is one-half Saarkan or more. From leathe meaning ‘half.’ Also ‘half by blood’ or ‘blood by concord’ or ‘blood by plight.’ Because the physical features of Leathe-Saarkes are usually indistinguishable from full-blooded elves, they are usually assumed to be full Saarkans and revered as such. Shaithan D’Arlene, the Lord of Tintasalem, and the Prince-Ghast are Leathe-Saarkes.

Leonarco – Pirate, thief, and former friend to Allesson’s grandfather Nine. He was caught and hanged in Parapindrel 50 years before the events of The Stonecutter’s Son.

Leshay, The – Ferocious forest-dwelling terrors that prowl at night and kidnap sleeping travelers.

Ligarias, The – A deep chasm in the west of Nymiria.

Lighthouse, The – Nymirian nickname for a pulsar called Lusomarré. Lit. ‘manor of light.’ Seen in the Eastern Fortunes in winter. Also known as the ‘blinking sun.’

Lightning Drinkers, The – Nymirian epithet for the Karganoi, black dragons that nest on the Mountain That Turns and spew lightning.

Liorganda – Neighboring country and ally to Nymiria.

Little Girl from Ness, The – The ghost of a young girl who died during a snowstorm.

Little Houk – Short rebel who instigated a brief revolt over salt mines and taxes near the Brittle Bleaks. He was later captured and hanged.

Little Houk’s Revolt – Brief rebellion in the Brittle Bleaks led by Little Houk. The revolt ended with the capture and hanging of Little Houk.

Living Sky, The – see KHYRUSUTHERION

Loch of Labors – The large round bay south of Nymiria created by an asteroid impact in antiquity.

Logandriel – Current queen of Liorganda and current wielder of the great Oath-Spear Aeruqasad.

Long Souls (Saarkans) – Slang for Saarkans who are known to enjoy great lifespans.

Long Watch, The – see PENANCE OF ANDIAL

Longmay, House – 7th ducal house in Nymiria. A single member from House Longmay survived the crossing of the Sea of Pleats. Thereafter, the Seven Families of Nymirian transfer non-titled soldiers and officers to House Longmay in memoriam.

Lord of Discord – see RHASK

Loring King, The – In Vyn Vanir lore, the Loring King is a powerful and enigmatic traveler capable of strange miracles and wonders. His greatsword, Consequence, is listed in the Twelve Treasures of the Vyndicancy. During The Stonecutter’s Son, the Loring King protects Sujonjuween.

​Loring King, The Consequence of – see LORING KING

Lornlariat – Legendary sword forged in antiquity said to be the unbreakable sword of the Sabler Queen. Forged from ‘witch-silver,’ wounds suffered by Lornlariat return every year. Lornlariat means the “Slender Verdict” from lorn (‘slender’) and lariat (‘verdict’).


Lost Sky, The – see KHYRUSUTHERION

Lowering Folk, The – Nymirian name for dwarves. In Nymirian lore, the Lowering Folk were originally the Towering Folk or Tiothanai. Known as the ‘lake striders,’ they were titans who ruled during the Gray Ages. However, in their pride, they ‘broke the pillars of the world’ and were punished by Proya, who reduced them in proportion to their humility. The Lowering Folk have not been seen in Nymiria in ages, but they are said to stand around eight feet in height and rarely come to the surface.

Lucaud – Soldier who escorted Branadan and his family to the watchtower.

Lucosar – Type of scimitar used by the Lucosiri. Similar to Saarkan blades, Lucosiri blades are often curved.

Lucosiri – (loo-koh-SE-ree) Semi-elven race that lives in Langmuir, the southernmost peninsula of the Eastern Fortunes. Distantly related to Saarkans, the Lucosiri are esteemed for their beauty, sharp senses, art, music, and the metallurgical prowess.

Luprecana – Large raptors that hunt in Nymiria. Known as ‘wolf-falcons’ they are capable of carrying off people and even foals.

Lusomarré – see THE LIGHTHOUSE

Visit the Ghosts of Saarke website for more details pertaining to the World of Elsuon.


Navigating the Elsuon Series

Epic Fantasy Series

Elsuon is 10-part epic fantasy series set in the mythical Kingdom of Nymiria.

Navigating the Series

Elsuon was conceived as a massive singular work consisting of exactly 70 chapters—not counting prefaces and epilogues.

In order to make Elsuon more accessible to fantasy readers, I am publishing 7 chapters at a time over the course of 10 Books.

Here are the first 3 Books in the Elsuon Series.

  1. The Stonecutter’s Son (available now on Amazon Kindle);
  2. Came Synralia (available November 15, 2019); and
  3. The Vantage of Danlayer (available April 1, 2020).

Shortly after April 1, 2020, when the first 3 Books are published, they will be collected into Elsuon: Volume 1.

In the end, there will be 3 Volumes:

  1. Volume 1 – The Stonecutter’s Son (Books 1-3);
  2. Volume 2 – Orphans of Exaltion (Books 4-6); and
  3. Volume 3 – Stormscale (Books 7-10)

When all 10 Books are published, and when they’ve been collected into their respective Volumes, the entire series will be available in a single Master Edition.

Each Book seems to be averaging 250 pages in digital form. Since there are 3 Books in both Volume 1 and Volume 2, respectively, each Volume should weigh in around 750 pages.

Volume 3 has the last 4 Books in it, so it should weigh in around 1,000 pages.

When all this gets collected in a single Master Edition, it should weigh in around 2,500 pages (digitally) —or close to it.

As only the first 4 BooksThe Stonecutter’s Son, Came Synralia, The Vantage of Danlayer, Orphans of Exaltionhave been written as of this post, this estimate (page count) is subject to change. It is also subject to variation depending on what e-book platform they are read.

Please visit the Ghosts of Saarke website for more publishing details.