The Real Reason Why The Media Hates Russia

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Convention, and most of America’s Far Left media despise Russia… and Putin in particular.

The Far Left was wholly enamored of Russia back when it was the Soviet Union. But when that totalitarian regime came crashing down in the late 80’s, Russia lost its charm.

Still, today, many hate Russia.

And they are not entirely wrong for doing so. Russia, and yes, Putin, are just as selfish and imperial as many on our side are — just as devious, just as cruel.

America is looking out for our own interests and trying to impose our power around the world. Well, guess what: so is Russia.

And China.

And Iran.

And Saudi Arabia.

And so many others.

It is the Game and the Gamble of Nations.

As for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, he is a former Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (or more popularly – KGB) officer who has ruled the Russian Federation since around 2000, I believe. He is resourceful, devious, and one must imagine quite ruthless.

There is probably as much in his character and actions to dislike as there are in any world leader — pick one at random.

But I suspect the real reason the Left so despises Putin is twofold:

First, he openly resists their bizarre vision of an Orwellian globalist regime. He seems to have no interest in subjugating Russia to international oppression. He’ll take care of that himself.

Second — and this is the far bigger point — I think it will eventually be revealed Putin played the DNC “like a violin at the annual saps convention” (Frank Drebin, Police Squad).

Putin famously hates the Clintons (Hillary far more than Bill) and it would be perfectly in keeping with his character to seize upon her disdain for Donald Trump. With her loyal DNC in complete and mindless lockstep, all he had to do was falsify some damning dossier on Trump, and the Democrats’ natural hatred (shared by former British spy Christopher Steele) would compel them to procure it in hopes of derailing Trump’s presidential campaign.

Three words come to mind: Hook. Line. Sinker.

Now, it the wake of Hillary’s loss, all this has completely blown up in their face, and Hillary, the DNC, and the entire Far Left media are trying to shift their embarrassment to Trump, and hang their albatross around his neck.

If true, then Putin played on Hillary Clinton’s mad ambition and turned her malice back on herself. Once you understand the nature of a thing you can control a thing.

In addition to Hillary Clinton’s machinations (conspiring against Bernie Sanders to defraud him of those primaries he lawfully and fairly won), the DNC’s long and disturbing list of oversteps (i.e., Donna Brazil, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, others) and the Far Left media’s complete enslavement to their Democratic masters…

We now find the Federal Bureau of Investigation (up to and including its directors, deputy directors, and special counsels) along with the Department of Justice, former Obama loyalists, their officers, operatives, and assigns, and even former British spies, all have — in the same manner as recently proven IRS malfeasance during the Obama administration — abused their positions, cast off their neutrality, and openly (even brazenly) chose to protect and promote one political candidate over another.

Prejudice and bigotry are the easiest vices to identify and manipulate, and I suspect Putin dangled a poisoned apple in front of a Democratic serpent…

And she bit down as hard as she could.

Now she is having to pry her fangs out of herself.

Fortunately for the Free World, she is not having to do that at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Broken Courts

This is going to be unpopular, but why stop now…

I am a fan of justice and due process and all the good things of jurisprudence…

But I must confess, I find something deeply perverse and, really, not very human, about a legal system that allows no outlet for the rage of victims of horrible crimes other than to just sit there in a court room…

You know, and take it.

The idea that people — Human Beings — are forbidden from answering those wrongs put upon them by other individuals…

I find that profoundly uncivilized.

And unjust.

If the law was actually proportional, the neutrality of its executors could well be argued, but the continuing erosion of punishments that are actually at parity (proportional) to the crimes they are answering, damages the credibility of this claim.

Judicial “collectivization” always (read history: always) favors the criminal, not the victim, and enables prison-for-profit schemes to emerge, further compromising the trust of the electorate in their judicial institutions.

I agree that it is essential for a crime to really be a crime, it cannot merely be a crime in the mind of some aggrieved plaintiff, but one in the eyes of third parties (i.e., judges) — that is how you know something is really a crime.

But once the crime has been decreed as such by qualified magistrates versed in the law and its limits, there is no reason why the plaintiff should be wholly denied a role in the sentence… after all, he’s the reason we’re here in the first place.

The argument that TWO IDENTICAL OUTCOMES (the same punishment) arrived at for TWO IDENTICAL MOTIVES (judgment) are somehow NOT IDENTICAL IN MERIT (justice vs. revenge) is gravely illogical.

Ultimately, there is no valid emotional argument to deny a father whose daughter was raped and murdered by a thug the right to kill that man.

The myth that “justice” can only come by the hand of anyone other than the offended party is…

Well, I am not sure what it is.

But its sure as hell not justice.


Business As Usual

So, the declassified Nunes memo just reaffirms what we already know:

  1. The Democratic National Convention
  2. in service to Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency
  3. financed the acquisition of a dubious dossier from a disreputable British spy (Christopher Steele)
  4. through their front company Fusion GPS
  5. whom the DNC paid indirectly through their law firm Perkins Coie
  6. in order to falsify “probable cause”
  7. so their loyalists at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice
  8. could submit a highly exaggerated surveillance warrant request to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also FISA)
  9. as justification to manufacture Robert Mueller’s investigation of the President.

And above all else…

The FISA court who granted the
surveillance request to the FBI and DOJ
was never told that the fake dossier
used to justify the surveillance
was financed by the presidential rival
to the candidate they were snooping on.


As with the IRS malfeasance, all this started under President Obama’s watch and was approved in writing by FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

By this logic it is absolutely permissible and profitable for British spies to meddle in our elections but not Russian ones.

So, business as usual.

Mark Levin 2.1.18 (Dan Bongino)

Having spent several hours fact-checking this episode, Bongino’s conclusions are disturbing if partly true, and brazenly malign if entirely true.

One of the greatest casualties of modern society is — and I hate to bring it up again — evolutionary theory, which absurdly proclaims even the most elaborate, mind-boggling designs and cellular engineering marvels are merely…


Everything is an illusion.


It only appears as a design.

Move on. Nothing to see here.

This superstitious idea, that intent and design are no longer primary forces in, well, anything, but are actually just anomalies, has infected our political examinations.

Everything is just a fluke, not matter how irregular, suspicious, beyond belief, and outright improbable it is.

This is the old fog: plausible deniability.

Eight gunshots heard…

Someone murdered with eight lethal bullet wounds…

Eight warm shell cases on the floor…

Gun smoke in the air…

But never a smoking gun.

Don’t panic!

There is no killer loose.

Don’t you know?

It just all happened by chance.