There are people who actually believe when a president from another party replaces the current president, all their appointees and assigns just magically get along like harp-plucking cherubs.

They don’t.

They never did.

To believe current members of the Senate, House of Representatives, intelligence community, and/or other branches of government…

Or those belonging to the previous administration, who mere weeks and months ago were raving political rivals…

Are not wholly invested in obstructing—by obfuscation, disaffection and felonious behavior—an administration that snatched the presidency away from their self-appointed heir in the greatest upset in fifty years…

is a entirely new level of crazy.

Political infighting, resentment, revenge, even murder has been around since the dawn of time. So much so that “political revenge” is a proverb as old as the Assyrians. Every incoming executive officer (federal, corporate) has to deal (sometimes drastically) with the administrative vestiges and lingering loyalists to whomever he just replaced.

If you don’t know that, there is certainly nothing I can do to help you.

Try reading any history book ever written.

Leaks aren’t new. They had them in the past.

Guess what?

They were felonies then too.

If you cannot keep your oath do not take it.


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