No Man Discards His Best Alliances Lightly

No man ever gave up something wildly beneficial to him on a whim.

When modern anti-rational zealots such as rabid Darwinists or fuming anti-theists categorically reject logic (the systematic study of arguments and conclusions), or the broader field of philosophy, or even mathematics…

they do so because their frail propositions are swiftly destroyed by these tools (i.e., critical reasoning) not strengthened by them.

These zealots — and make no mistake, they are zealots in every sense of the word — first reveal the value of mathematics in their many premises only to turn on a dime and excoriate any mathematics that sensibly debunk their model: this is extremism.

Partial reasoning, half-truths, and professional parsing the part you like from the part you don’t is at the heart of all religious nonsense, including the deification of randomness.

Ignore Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins and men of their poor addiction: their model is dying at light speed. Now, completely cornered by the logical implications of their own work, they must reject logic.

A man is always at his most violent, the most shrill, right before his philosophical liberty dies.


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