Recovering From Error

We’ve all done things and said things we shouldn’t have. We’ve all blundered, experimented, misbehaved, indulged, submitted, yielded, and participated in stuff we shouldn’t have.

So what?

Turn from it. Lay it down and leave it behind.

There will always be opportunists, even among your friends and family, who will rejoice in your failures. They will be most happy to have found a flaw, be it great or tiny.

They will gossip: small people gossip.

And though they can never find time to share the good things you said and done, rest assured they will publish your losses and missteps even to strangers. This is the first mistake of small and vengeful people.

The second is similar to it: they will calculate your error(s) infinitely outweigh a lifetime trying to walk the straight and narrow.  Small and vengeful people always remember the bad. And whatever you regularly believe, will be summarily rejected on account of your imperfection.

That is how small and vengeful people get revenge.

Again, so what?

They do not get to weigh your soul—no matter what the Roman Catholic church or any other errant denomination believe.

They will not judge you.

Whatever you’ve done is between you and your Father. Work it out with Him.

Nobody else matters.

Let them sneer and snicker. Let them extract what tiny joy they can in knowing you failed.

Nobody gets out of life without tasting the sting of sin.

Don’t worry.

Chin up.

Move out of the shadows and give up your dark indulgences. March forward and don’t look back.

And if anyone including your friends or family tries to drag you back to your defeats…

Take one last lingering look at them, kiss them, and bid them farewell.


Ever forward.


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