Money Grab

medical fraud

Our insurance industry just got nationalized by the Republicans who, in a powerful affirmation, just proved they are in total collusion with the Democrats to hijack an entire sector of the U.S. economy so they can get more money.

Why do they need more money?

Because they are pathological thieves.

Does this have anything to do with health care? Not at all.

The Left well understand, and even admire, Lucifer: “Skin for skin! A man will give everything he owns to save his life!”

That is a true statement.

It is astonishing to me! Every thing that angel commands, they obey — to the letter.

A century-long crusade to control the most intimate aspects of your life — the mad dream of the totalitarian Left that was foisted on us, through outright deception, by the Obama regime — is now enshrined by the very charlatans entrusted to dismantle it.

This is betrayal so deep, so molecular, I can no longer…

I can no longer finish this post.


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