The Mirror Does Not Lie

I learned from a very young age that people will project their own crimes, sins, biases, and animosities to others (often their enemies) in some transparent attempt to divert investigations from themselves.

For decades now, we’ve known some of the most racist people on this Earth are the ones calling everyone else racist. We’ve learned entire industries who lecture the American people about sexism and discrimination against the old/elderly are themselves the most sexist and chauvinist, categorically refusing to higher anyone over a certain age.

It has always been a earmark of the hypocrite and their disciples — not someone who periodically contradicts himself, or something making all the mistakes as he or she tries to improve their lives — that the very thing they accuse others of…

they themselves are guilty.

That being said, it is a better-than-fair bet the media circus frothing over the alleged collusion with foreign governments, are investigating the wrong campaign.

It is the oldest political: accuse your opponent of your crimes.

“Look over here!”


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