The Eleventh Hour

Here in America, indeed the world, a strange moral treason has infected a shockingly high number of citizens.

While sane people slept and — as peaceful people are apt to do — said nothing, thousands of negative concessions worked their way into our grade schools, high schools, colleges, university, cities, states, and federal agencies.

These damages, put forth by a horde whose numbers seems to equal those who oppose them, actually desire a return to segregation between the African-Americans and, apparently, every body else…

The rejection of clinically-defined gender and all scientific evidences to sex, its purpose and boundaries…

And even, if it can be believed, the willingness to throw off the gentle hands and peaceful charms of Christianity in favor of the closed fists and veils of Shariah Law.

Always the enemy of liberty, justice, equality and civilization in the main, these fanatics (in our our modern parlance the “Far Left”) welcomes any surviving totalitarianism into its soiled bed.

In the century before this one it was fascism, anarchism, and communism. Today, that is iron dogma of Islam.

The Far Left, being comprised almost exclusively of creatures of low intelligence and lower moral character, court their own destruction… so long, of course, as yours precedes theirs.

As the nations of the world, including ours, are too anemic to put off their many Wars of Profit for one true War of Purpose, these injuries will continue until we, the usual defenders, have to beat our plow shares into spears, charge in, and save the world from madmen and the fools who mistake them as messiahs….



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