There Are No Locks


There may be doors but they are not locked.

That doesn’t mean you should go through them.

Know where you are supposed to be.


Mandatory Minimums


Mandatory minimums for non-violent crimes are the immoral overreactions that resulted from immoral overreactions of empty and meaningless sentences from foolish judges who somehow wormed their way on benches.

At every point in the law, there should be room for clemency, commutation of sentence, and mercy.

To remove from a sitting judge the power to properly judge a situation — his job! — is itself a criminal offense.

Mandatory minimums should not be mandatory.

So, why are they mandatory?

Because half our courts are compromised by judges who refuse to punish people for crimes! If the judge doesn’t like a law, they just ignore their oath and don’t enforce it. You want a mandatory sentence? How about the mandatory disbarring of failed judges who ignore enforcing laws with which they personally disagree?

Disbar this posers.

Thirty years of insultingly lenient sentences resulted in a backlash of mandatory minimums — something equally wrong in the other direction.

Or, as it is more commonly known: prison for profit.

Teyana Taylor’s New Dance Workout

Get in shape.

Weight training, cardio, cycling, running, jogging, swimming, boxing, martial arts, yoga—

or dance!

You deserve to be the best you can be.

You are called to be the best you can be.