Internal Deception

Given the amount of deception, bureaucratic incompetence, intra-agency bickering, outright illegal conduct, and constant disinformation from our Armed Forces, my trust in any syllable they utter in any given press conference has basically been devastated to zero.

From the Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Army, to say nothing of the CIA, NSA, FBI and the dozens of other black ops conducting illegal operations daily within our republic…

We, the people of the United States of America, are held in contempt by these very agencies that once pledged to defend us.

It is like those low-resolution images we get from our military — you know, when they are bragging about whatever it is they just blew up.

What do we get? Pong level graphics.

And what lie gets trotted out right alongside these insulting graphics, that old chestnut: national security.

Folks, our enemies (Russian, North Korea, China, radical Islamic terrorists) already know the powerful surveillance abilities of our armed forces.

By showing us degraded, scratchy missile cams and such nonsense, our armed forces are not trying to keep our enemies from knowing their true power.

They are trying to keep us — the American citizen — from knowing their true power…

And their true intentions.

They do not fight for you.

They fight for themselves, the Deep State.

No Resolution


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