Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)

Shaken Not Stirred

Roger Moore passed away today.

After Captain Kirk, which I saw a child in Star Trek reruns in the early 70’s, Roger Moore’s James Bond was my first cinema hero. By that I mean, the first hero I actually saw in the theaters. The great classics with Charlton Heston where long passed, showing up every Easter and Christmas, but James Bond was a hero I saw along with everyone else.

Devilishly handsome, suave, supremely confident, Moore’s turn as Bond was, for me, iconic as Sean Connery had stepped away from the role by the time I was born.

To this day, my favorite James Bond movie in the entire Bond catalog remains The Man with the Golden Gun. It is also my favorite Roger Moore movie.

Roger Moore will always be the definitive James Bond to me.

Like the song says…

Nobody does it better!


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