The Mark


The Mark of the Beast will be imposed shortly after everyone who would never dare take it…

V A N I S H.

I have many friends who, though they be atheists and unbelievers, have enough vestigial Biblical knowledge to fear the Mark of the Beast — even they know its bad.

Two of my business partners are atheists, but draw the line at the Mark of the Beast. They boast that if the “mark comes around… I just might sign up for your Messiah”.

The ironic part is, they are telling me this as they pay for our meal with their Apple watch. They tell me how they don’t use cash anymore, how they pay for everything with their Apple watch — all payments, all transactions, all downloads, all purchases. They go on to tell me how awesome it is, how free this device makes them feel.

I agree: it is pretty cool.

Personally, I hate carrying a wallet.

They add that the only time they’ve panicked was when they lost their Apple watch. They freaked out. Eventually, they realized it had fallen off in their car while they were putting luggage in the back seat.

“If only this thing could never come off,” he smiled.

“Can you imagine if they put this in your hand?” I asked. “You couldn’t lose it then!”

“That’d be perfect!” he smiled.

I just waited. He’s a bright guy: it came to him quickly.

“Oh, right,” he said.

The Mark of the Beast is not an iPhone money app. The Apple watch is not the Mark of the Beast. The Mark is not some convenient transactional technology: credit cards, debit cards, or Apple watches.

It is the seal of devotion to the Beast.

One cannot take the Mark of the Beast by accident.

In the coming global crisis that creates the environment for the Mark, everyone will know exactly what it is (the Mark) and to whom they are swearing allegiance (the First Beast, the Antichrist).

To receive the Mark of the Beast is the only thing mentioned in the Bible that automatically and irrevocably damns the recipient: one is swearing eternal loyalty directly to Satan, through his representative, the Antichrist.

To receive the Mark of the Beast is the supreme act of treason. One is telling God the Father “I reject you. I reject your Son. I reject life, and I reject Love.”

It is irreversible damnation.

God responds by separating Himself from you, removing you from His Son’s atoning work on your behalf, divorcing you from spiritual Life, and pulling all Love from you — for eternity. You are then imprisoned and tortured alongside the insane angel you willfully chose to obey.

You did not pass the test. You are now in a dimension loosely called Hell. It is a prison, one never manufactured for Mankind. It was built to torment a cold and indestructible mind, an intelligence you (honestly) cannot grasp. You don’t have a word or a term for it, really — only nicknames. Any “evil rating” you try to lay on this particular essence is a farce. It is an order of magnitude of malice you cannot begin to grasp. And because you sided with it, and not your own Father, you are cast into prison with it, along with everyone and everything it ever warped or mutilated. You certainly won’t be you in any pretty sense. You will exist, but only as screaming shadow of regret. You will be pleading for forgiveness from a place without windows or doors — no one will hear you again, except those next to you. It will be then, and only then, you realize every false charge you laid against your own Father, was really the hand of this angel in your barren life. You are a fool for eternity, among billions of others, trapped shoulder to shoulder with the very creature responsible for those crimes you formerly laid at the feet of your own Father.

Elsewhere, in the new renovated Heaven and on the new rebuilt Earth… you, your name, your actions, who and what you were on the former Earth has been erased. You are unworthy to be remembered in the next stage of Human existence. You are a shadow in a place that only admits light, forever divorced from memory. You are a failed test: now deleted.

Of course, the good news is: one can never be permanently damned by bad luck or coincidence, or because one is using biometrics to conduct one’s transactions.

In the wake of global food and water shortages (in progress), socioeconomic collapse (recovering, pending next), disruption of the world banking cartels (teetering), nuclear war (imminent), viral pestilences (developing), global computer hacks (in progress), stolen trillions (the Pentagon, in progress), natural catastrophes (increasing), radical climate change (developing), overpopulation (in progress), international anti-terrorism hysteria (increasing), asteroid impact (imminent), and the Rapture (imminent)… if you don’t take the Mark, you will be deemed an agitator, extremist, rabid nationalist, or maybe even a despicable capitalist: some will be imprisoned, most executed.

This Babylonian system, now armed with advanced human technology, is going to finally rip itself apart.

Most of you do not even believe the End Times predetermined in Scripture. Most of you don’t believe in an Antichrist, the False Prophet, or anything to do with a Mark.

Let me tell you what you really cannot believe: that unless your mind is calibrated by the Holy Ghost and only the Holy Ghost, when the Mark of the Beast finally arrives…

you will run to it — not from it, to it.

It will seem perfectly rational (i.e., natural) that given the mad state of the apocalypse, that this drastic globalist measure is necessary to stave off extinction. It will be socioeconomic martial law on a global level — not just Greece, Venezuela, or Ukraine as it is now. You will not be seeing food riots and rebellion on the television — it will be in your back yard: your country, your state, your city. Noncompliance will be punished with death. So, will you put your neck on the chopping block for a Messiah you presently reject, or take the Mark to ensure your children get medicine, clean food, and water?

Unless you know what it really is, you will take the Mark — to save your wife, your parents, your children.

Consider this: you won’t believe here, now, today… when you were surrounded by millions of believers; when the Gospel is being preached across a thousand channels of television, radio, web broadcasts and podcasts; when the astonishing gifts of healing, prophecy, and tongues are ricocheting through the nations; when the Holy Ghost is falling like rain…

But, somehow, you think you are going to “man up” when all this is gone? When all you have to hold on to is your own frail human logic?

Your deluding yourself.

The Mark? Oh, yes, you’ll take it.

Don’t be that big a bunny.

Read Scripture! It is not your name — it is his name.

Nobody else will be here to help you out.

Do not take it.

Do not kneel.


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