“Two Pieces of Cloth”

Nazi flag

The Nazi horrors are — as expected — being rationalized away by the Far Left and other deranged people who do not believe “good” and “evil” exist.

Thus, the Nazis are being re-labeled as ‘dysfunctional’, a ‘brief militarized expression of socio-economic angst’, and even ‘capitalists’.

Eighty years later, the swastika is not regarded as a symbol of military sadism and genocide, but as art. It has been reduced to media: JPEG, TIFF or a PNG.

They wrote about these errors in the Book of Proverbs 3,000 years ago.

That is how “we already figured this out!” this all is.

That article reminds me of Joe Rogan, whom I like to listen to from time to time. If find him insightful on many things, but his take of the Old Testament is so untrained, so amiss, one can only laugh.

Joe Rogan repeatedly dismisses the Old Testament as “superstition”.

A lot of people do, so that’s nothing new. Such dismissals are harmless. But he cites the Old Testament prohibition about “sewing two different pieces of cloth together” as an example of how arcane parts of the Mosaic Law are today.

I am not making this up: An adult, a grown man – Joe Rogan of all people – can’t figure this out in 2017. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Let’s put that prohibition in modern parlance:

“Thus saith the Lord: thou shalt not make for yourself a flag that is entirely red, with a white circle, with twisted black bars in the middle as the heathen do, for this is an abomination to me.”

When we consider how deeply offended people get over the Confederate flag or the Nazi flag in the above example, God commanding someone not to emulate them is so obvious, again, one can only laugh.

Do you think outlawing the designs of other nations is still some superstitious Stone Age restriction?

From Wikipedia: Nazi Flag Display

Those heathen nations that surrounded ancient Israel were the Nazis of their day – imperialistic, legendarily sadistic, sacrificed their children alive to fire gods, indiscriminate, at times cannibalistic, etc.

And Israel was forbidden to design anything that resembled them: fashions, artwork, architecture, laws…

“Lest you follow after them.”

So, my point is:

It is entirely possible that archaeologists and historians 2,000 years from now will look back on our modern laws banning the Nazi flag and its attending imagery as “superstitious.”

As far as the Nazi flag goes: would you fly it?

Or is it an abomination to you too?

It is to me.


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