Black Sites

To many, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a perverse murder cult tirelessly committed to destroying the moral kelsons of the Constitution of the United States.

And so far they’ve done a frightfully effective job for they are the very snorting, snickering modern standard of ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’

If “secret prison” is not the very definition of “war crime” then war crimes do not exist.

The reputation and revelations of CIA’s operations place it on par with the Khmer Rouge, the Gestapo, the 610 Office of the so-called People’s Republic of China, the State Security Department of North Korea, and other secret police forces that terrorize their own citizens and citizens of foreign countries… seemingly for sport.

The CIA’s continued use of “black sites” reminds us just how many fiends infect our republic, and just how far we really are from being a true Nation of Laws.

We cannot reach these men. They are above prosecution. They are above the law, these assassins, saboteurs, and serial killers: black twisted bones of the Deep State.

But they are not above the Messiah.

And time is running out.

If the CIA has any real intelligence at all, they should be striving to thwart the return of the Messiah. Because if all goes well, the first cabal Jesus Christ turns to ash shortly after stepping off the Mount of Olives may just be the blood-drunk terror-mob known as the CIA.

From Wikipedia: Black Sites


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