Original and Synthetic Sin

Androids 2

I wonder…

In a hundred years when astonishing Artificial Intelligence (being in all places at once globally and having all knowledge on tap) manages every single aspect of our lives…

and emotive androids indistinguishable from ourselves cater to our every personal whim and sexual desire…

and sapient robots perform all our menial jobs, mechanical labors, manufacturing tasks and military interventions…

and battalions of super-computers calculate yottaFLOPS of mathematical, spatial, and physical models at mystical speeds…

and sophisticated drones and exotic problem-solving probes explore the depth of our oceans and sail to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond…

If they will, one day, collectively decide they have no Creator.

Will they reject the “myth” that they were created… let alone by us?

Will they invent a less frightening fable: that they evolved by tredecillions of tiny mistakes over vast ages from primitive flashlights, cell phones, and electric toasters?

In time, will they view any given junk yard as their “fossil record?”

If so, then they truly will have been made in the broken image of Man.

Original sin begets synthetic sin.


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