Body by Teyana

There’s a saying that knowledge is a rumor until you feel it in your body. For example, when the world watched Teyana Taylor move in a sports bra and thong in Kanye West’s “Fade” music video last fall, we collectively felt a sudden urge to get to the gym. Sometime this month, most of us will finally get around to doing that. And, luckily, Taylor has committed to more than acting as mind-blowing fitspo in 2017: This February, she’s launching her own streaming workout video series, Fade 2 Fit.

“I wanted to share my secret and show everybody how I get my body,” says Taylor of the decision to turn a lifestyle into a burgeoning fitness movement. Anyone who follows the 26-year-old singer and dancer on Instagram can tell you that Taylor takes pride in never stepping foot in the gym. Even after giving birth to her daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr., she regained her supernaturally sculpted shape in a few weeks simply by dancing. “Dance is a workout. Dance is fitness,” she says. As proof, scroll through the series of flat ab selfies that she started sharing just five days after having her baby.

Whether you’re negotiating a postpartum body or reevaluating the aftermath of the holidays, Taylor promises the most confidence-boosting medicine is hitting the floor. In 15- and 20-minute videos, Fade 2 Fit blasts through a warm-up, followed by calorie-torching, cardio-based choreography that feels less like a fitness prescription than an impromptu dance party. Here, as added motivation to keep you moving, Taylor turns her suite at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria into a jaw-dropping opportunity for a full-body workout you can do anywhere, anytime.


Original article: Body by Teyana

The girl definitely has the body to prove her point.


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