Clown Logic

Here is what you need to know about The God Delusion and God is Not Great:

If you submitted a paper in almost any high school or college course, but especially something like history, logic/debate, or philosophy, using the sleepy, undisciplined, bungling and earsplitting rhetoric used by either Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens…

you would be flunked so hard and so fast you’d feel like you’d been hit by a car.

The same is true for Sam Harris, Bill Maher and other half-functional “scientists” like Neil deGrasse Tyson… all of whom reserve one diligent and investigative set of protocols for those studies for which they have a fondness, and tantrums and screams and apathy for those concepts and evidences that frighten them.

History is brighter the hubris, and the Truth is bigger than bigots.

When one ignores the compartmentalization of the little sequestered sectors of science, and takes in the grand view of Nature… then S C I E N C E emerges with her one unifying proof.

Don’t be afraid of these fools or their followers:

You march right into wherever it is God has called you, even if it is the increasingly arrogant and cultish sciences, and do what you are called to do: report the facts without distortion, seek the continuity of the Master’s mind, give aid to all who ask for it, participate in no deceptions, and suffer no tyranny within the reach of your arm.

The impostors of science will soon be crushed under the weight of their of own incapacity.


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