Beach Fashions for Your Girl

@cillapurple 1

Depending on the self-confidence of your girl you might enjoy buying more exotic swimwear.

Women committed to their fitness and health enjoy the benefits of a far greater range of clothes: outer, under, and other.

Let’s face it: women who are vain or lascivious are boring. However, a sensible girl who takes care of herself, sculpts her body, and plays in and explores the broad market of those sexy fashions available to her is something of a miracle. So, help her out.

Take your girl shopping—on purpose. Know she is going to wander, sort, and sift, and relax. Bring something to read, either a book or on your phone, but be there when she comes prances out of the changing room… after all, what she’s buying, she’s buying in large part for you. Make a day of it, stopping for lunch and snacks.

As most women prefer the daring Brazilian bikini wax, or the far sexier Hollywood (the cost of which you should be picking up for her) there is a slow shift back to high cut bottoms and plunging hems, both of which accentuate the slimming lines of the well-toned figure. All that to say, watching your girl slip in and out of changing rooms, wearing a lot down to a daring little, really shouldn’t be that much of a chore for you.

That is your woman: get on with the admiring.

A tight body is best advertised by tight clothes.


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