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Sometimes, you just need to get out and take a walk.

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Total Reprisal

Titian 1542

In reading the Old Testament, many people with effete modern sensibilities are shocked to read the totality of some of the ancient battles and wars listed therein. Instances where the Israelites destroyed murderous rival tribes down to the last soul, regardless of age or gender.

These naysayers are the same people who defend radical terrorist armies like ISIS/ISIL, Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, and other murder cults as just being moody and misunderstood political movements, rather than acknowledging their unprecedented barbarism, soul-freezing sadism, and malevolence.

These same sympathizers vanished from the ancient histories millennia ago, if for no other reason than they were absorbed, enslaved, or annihilated by the fiendish forefathers of the very savages they try to excuse today.

Then, like today, better men and women saw these degenerates for what they were and recognized their moral duty to themselves and Mankind to sweep them from the Earth before they could heap further anguish on the living.

Like the Philistines of old, many modern regional powers of the Middle East are heartless and tyrannical: killers that would be your overlords.

So why did ancient Israelites have to go to such military extremes?

Because they were surrounded not by one or two ISIS-class threats, but dozens over many centuries.

History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

We know America will not rid the stage of these terrorists like we did the Nazis of World War II. Then, like now, the non-Conservatives were content (and many were complicit) to let monsters rule over some distant less fortunate part of the world. Today our government tries to keep a leash on useful monsters—after all, you just have to let the beast off its chain from time to remind the people you need more of their time, money, resources, and sons and daughters to fight your wars.

In our defeated post-republic America, we have rationalized away the courage to save the world.

And the world knows it.

Where are the cruel Amorites? The Philistines?

As they were—Gone.

Nicely swept from history by ancient Israel.

There is only one way to deal with an army of sociopaths.

Turn them into a graveyard of sociopaths.

Ancient Israel knew this.

Modern Israel knows this too.

The End of Days

%22Dulle Griet%22 by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1525-1569

This president’s contempt for Israel and his administration’s blind crusade to weaken our best ally in the Middle East speaks to the gross inexperience of our current Commander-in-Chief and the unprecedented ignorance of his beltway cohorts.

The good news is the more the bad guys try to thwart The Plan the more they bring it to pass. The President’s open hostility to Israel, his coddling of the Middle East’s most unstable regimes, and his embrace of those nations wholly committed to the annihilation of Abraham’s descendants over there, reveal his true allegiance.

As a tangent, I have to confess to my surprise.

Weekly if not daily I meet, hear of, or read outlandish distortions about, well, everything, but particularly the Bible.

There is no greater magnet in the attraction of fools than Scripture, and I do not mean those who follow it, but those who try to challenge it and tear it down.

As my social network continues to climb beyond mere entertainment and academia, into political and supra-corporate players, I regularly encounter men and women who don’t have a clue what the Bible says, in either Testament.

And based on the actions of many presidents, including the current one, and foreign heads of state, it is clear they don’t understand or have never heard of the very timeline they are fulfilling.

They are ushering in the very climax they claim not to believe… almost to the letter.

And many of them, including many of our own leaders, are on the losing side of what they are bringing to pass.

The countdown was there the whole time.

And only the wise had the eyes to see it or the heart to understand it.

There are only so many chapters and verses in the Bible.

And we’re near the end.

But don’t worry about it, or anything else for that matter.

Though the world descends into war and chaos you stay in your peace. None of this is a surprise. It has all been laid out in black and white:

It has been pre-ordained.

They will invade Israel.

This fact is unalterable.

And when they do all hell is not going to break loose. No, all hell already broke loose, that’s why they invade Israel.

When they invade Israel… all heaven is going to break loose. And that, my readers, will be the Day of Days.

And all the leaders and rulers who laid Israel on the altar to sacrifice are going to have the surprise of their bitter lives.

The Rapture comes like a thief in the night not upon the Children of Light…

but upon the Children of Darkness. They are the ones caught off guard, not us.

Stand in the light and be ready and you will escape the 70th Week.

You’ll watch it from the box seats.