Worlds Beyond

The Heavens
For those of you who have moved beyond or been rescued from the infantilizing fable of naturalism and strict materialism, it may be time to think beyond those accidental mind-barriers of even the best ideas.

Believer and unbeliever alike have looked deep into the skies and seen mysterious things—worlds, nebulae, stars. Beyond the counting, these celestial wonders serve to instruct us through their orbits, their bursts, and sometimes in their baffling silences. They are also destinations for which we are long overdue.

Some men have stared at our nearest heavenly closet and counted the tenants—tiny hot Mercury, shrouded Venus, our own life-brimming Earth, desolate Mars, mighty Jupiter, well-married Saturn, tilted Uranus, blue blue Neptune, forgotten Pluto and his court, and lesser objects and debris making their wild tours—and find our petty half-baked guesses about them challenged with every new observation.

Surely, these strange and inconsistent spheres with their magnetic anomalies, peculiar weather, confusing arrangements, hopeless atmospheres, impractical orbits, unreasonable temperatures, bewildering surface features, and mystifying rotations… surely these cannot be the work of an Intelligent Designer.

But the universe is not neglected, nor is it an abandoned atomic junkyard.

Despite what the untrained mind may suspect the universe is neither disordered nor un-designed. And though wrecked it is not even the wreckage we see through our telescopes.

The universe, starting with our solar system, is unfinished.

Not for want of Divine enthusiasm—for the day of rest did not catch God by surprise—but for want that Man should, at every half-step, study their rough-hewn shapes and by his great Adamic intellect comprehend and calculate the many unique distances from each of their un-concluded forms to their final polishes.

Our solar system is little more than the riddles of small Divine algebra, little grade school tests sprinkled like beads at mathematically plausible intervals to draw Man into the sky, first by sight then by touch: to understand, solve and shape them as God’s children pleased.

Our solar system is kindergarten, originally intended for undying prodigies unencumbered by our common, modern and mortal limitations. These worlds were gifts from the Creator to His Creator-Children to search out, admire, visit and frame with our unmatched power and imagination.

We were to shape new distant Edens in orbit around our own.

Adam was not some naked, gorgeous Ken doll counting sunsets and eating cashews all the days of his life.

Immortal and magnificent, our ancestors could not be defeated or dethroned even by angels—only deceived.

Only by a trick has Man been separated from his longevity and his genius, his legend now measured in decades, and the great distances of heaven no longer a mere skip…

but tiny, twinkling, teasing ports we can no longer reach.

Today, trillions of similar trespasses later, we remain shipwrecked on a single shore, stranded on our first world, marooned in our broken play ground.


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