Lawrence Krauss

I have been recently debating several atheists on Facebook and I have to say it has been pretty exhausting.

If you are wondering why atheists are reviled more than murderers, liars, lawyers, politicians and even pedophiles, you need look no further than theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and spurious troll Lawrence Krauss.

Ever met someone who hated something or someone so much they were utterly incapable of addressing the matter objectively? That’s Lawrence Krauss, a man to whom apparently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave a PhD.

A pouting, petulant, tantrum-throwing toad of a man, it is no mystery he cohabitates the same fetid mind-swamp as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late, easily baffled contrarian Christopher Hitchens. Having listened now to upwards of twenty hours of this fanatic’s half-baked rants, I can safely say if Lawrence Krauss is the disfigured face of the new naturalist even the dullest empiricism cannot survive the reign of such men.


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