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Hollywood Hypocrisy

I am always perplexed to find many of Hollywood’s leading voices against the 2nd Amendment (the right of people to bear arms), be they actors, producers, directors or other cast and crew, are the same ones relentlessly promoting and profiting from films that incorporate weapons far, far away more wildly dangerous than mere firearms:

  • Wands (The Harry Potter series)
  • Lightsabers (The Star Wars series)
  • Robots (The Transformers Series)
  • Phasers (the Star Trek series)
  • Spears, swords, axes, picks, lances, arrows (Avatar, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings)

Ah, the well-oiled hypocrisy.

Shroud – Selig Film Review

Shroud 518

“The film looks beautiful, with sweeping vistas and detailed locations. According to the press notes, Shroud was shot in the Western town owned by Willie Nelson and in various locations across Texas. For a small independent production, the backgrounds and sets are on par with anything that Hollywood has put out. It is a testament to the ingenuity of the producers and the skills of Texas cinema craftsmen.”

Excerpt from Selig Film Review on Shroud.

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