Do Not Cast Your Peals Before Swine

To all my actor friends and extended family who are going through the emotional rigors of working in the film industry—chin up! Hang in there.

We’ve all had our unfortunate encounters with emotionally atrophied half-wits and low-grade clowns that nobody outside the film industry would even trust to valet park a Volvo, must less rise to reputable conduct, intelligence or ability. The people don’t make films they make cinematic knock-offs and trash that no one wants on their resume.

I’ve read so many of your posts lately and I know it seems like sometimes the lowest, least ethical used-car salesmen are making progress but they are not to be envied.

Leave the losers to their dim mediocrity.

They have no legacy and will not be remembered in the long years to come except as a proverb that warns against the perils of being an imbecile.

“Do not cast your pearls before swine.”