NCC-1701 A


Personally, this is the best the USS Enterprise ever looked.

The original ship from the television series was cool but this is pretty pimp.

Sadly, in the Star Trek reboot the director understands absolutely nothing about the ship. In fact he goes out of his way to prove to the audience he doesn’t understand Star Trek at all, including the USS Enterprise.

The USS Enterprise, Dry Dock, shuttle and travel pod above were rendered by the talented Alain Rivard (AL3D).

A Womanly Figure

Swimsuit X

To everyone, including women I say: work out.

And I don’t mean just jogging on a treadmill or doing aerobics or spin class.

I mean hit the iron: weight training.

Weight training is as foundational to fitness as proper diet, regular restful sleep, days free of strife and stress, rejections of addictions (smoking, drinking, drugs) and a charitable, joyful soul.

Nothing shapes the body (flattens the stomach, rounds the shoulders, tightens the buttocks) like iron. It is never too late to start a regular fitness regimen.

Young or old, find the time.

Short of legitimate disease or disorders that damage the body’s original design, your body was given to you to enjoy and sculpt.

So sculpt!

The Alien


Arguably the best design for any alien in science-fiction, probably ever. Famously designed by the Swiss surrealist painter and sculptor Hans Rudolf Giger (more famously H.R. Giger) for Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking science fiction film Alien, it has simply never been topped.

Dark, mysterious, varnished in murder, humanoid but still otherworldly, the alien continues to set the bar for all future terror specimens.

Bag Time


Guys and girls, for less than $40 you can buy a small 50-lb. punching bag and bag gloves that you can hang in your garage. Put your own music on and you can have an amazing workout in the privacy of your own garage.

If you are a heavy hitter, for around $75 you can get 70-lb. punching bag and they go up from there.

Aside from developing your upper body strength, toning your arms, back of arms, back and chest, you will really trim your waist with a good boxing regimen.

In less than an hour you can burn an insane amount of calories while simultaneously developing your endurance, hand speed and self-defense skills.

I have used the following bag routine since I was a kid:

  1. 50 jabs
  2. 50 jabs + 50 crosses
  3. 50 jabs + 50 crosses + 50 hooks (low)
  4. 50 jabs + 50 crosses + 50 hooks (low) + 50 hooks (high)

Totals: 200 jabs + 150 crosses + 100 hooks (low) + 50 hooks (high). Do this every day for two weeks, then you can go to every other day.

This would require lead hand (jabs) > rear hand (crosses) > lead hand (low and high hooks). These are just for one side. Ideally, you would do 50 right hand jabs, switch, and do 50 left hand jabs; switch back, 50 right hand jabs + 50 left hand crosses, switch, 50 left hand jabs + 50 right hand crosses, switch…

Once you start really ramping up you can jump to 75 repetitions, 100 repetitions, or even more. You can have a jab workout—just do 500 jabs.

Then you can mix the punching order up. Start off with jab > cross > low hook > high hook. Or, jab > cross > jab > spinning back fist.

After all that, you can start adding basic kicks, ten per side for beginners. Get your form exactly right and then focus on speed and delivery of power.

Basic kicks include front, front thrust, side, back, spin, roundhouse, shuffle side, turn around heel rakes, knee thrusts, etc.

You will tighten everything: arms, back, chest, abdominals, glutes, thighs, calves. For one hour a week you can make incredible gains. Twice a week, three times a week? Even more. Wrap or support your wrists properly. Always protect your joints.

Combined with a regular workout regimen you will transform your body into fit, tight, fast, flexible fighting temple. I used to have ‘Bag Saturdays’ and it was four hours of bag work. No weights, no running, no cycling. All bag, and I burned thousands and thousand of calories. And you will get fast!

You will sleep better, enjoy smoother digestion, enjoy less stress, firm up, slim down, wear skimpier clothes (girls), and most importantly be ready for those sudden moments when your own life, or the life others, may require being saved by someone who can move, lift or strike.

That is a beautiful confidence to have.