September 2012 Reading List

  • Syntactic Change in Akkadian: The Evolution of Sentential Complementation
    (Guy Deutscher, 2007)
  • The Ancient Near East: Historical Sources in Translation
    (Christopher Morgan, 2006)
  • The History of Antiquity (Maximilian Duncker, 1877)
  • The Routledge Handbook of The People and Places of Ancient Western Asia:
    The Near East from the Early Bronze Age to the fall of the Persians Empire

    (Bryce, Trevor)
  • The Language of the Harappans: from Akkadian to Sanskrit
    (Malati J. Shendge, 1997)

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

Neil Armstrong

Space 1

Space 2

Space 3

In heaven few men will be able to boast of touching another world in the grand canvass of the Creation.

In my lifetime you put life (your own first, then others) on the great grey orb that had teased us in the night sky since the beginning. It is the opinion of everyone who ever met Neil Armstrong that we could not have sent a better ambassador to a new world than him.

I am not sure who had the better privilege: that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, or that the moon had as its first voyager the likes of Neil Armstrong.

The best of journeys of Mr. Armstrong.

God Is Not Great

god-is-not-great 2

A shrill, blundering rant from the malignant mind from the late, fussy contrarian Christopher Hitchens.

God Is Not Great is about as objective and honest as D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation.

This book is so divorced from fact, reason and analysis it requires no review other than to say it is undoubtedly the manifesto of choice for the unsophisticated, goose-stepping Brownshirts of that old and periodically flaring pagan rot called atheism.

The Planet Mars by Albert Bigelow Paine


Together we sat in the summer night,
(An August night with a wealth of stars)
And we marked where it gleamed so redly bright,
The Planet Mars

We spoke of the cruel wrongs of earth,
Of the host of evils that greed unbars;
And then we spoke of another birth
In the Planet Mars

And we wondered if each would know the name
Of the other, up there, amid the stars,
And we said we hoped they would be the same
In the Planet Mars

And so we talked through the summer night,
Of life and of love amid the stars;
And how our wrongs would be all made right
In the Planet Mars

Albert Bigelow Paine, 1893