On The Record

It is any person’s (man or woman) most inalienable right as a human being to provide for their family: food, shelter, provision, and other material necessities.

Speaking from my side of the gender spectrum, it is a man’s most basic obligation, his most primal duty, to feed his family.  Other inalienable rights are a man’s right to protect his family, and his own life.  A man has a right to live his life and defend it, with weapons if necessary.

This is an axiom.

Any organization, industry or person who [expletive] dares to arrogate unto themselves the immoral power to tell another man when he can work and provide for his family is a despicable thing.

The most foundational aspect of a man is to provide for his wife and his children.

No one does or ever did have the right to deny that.

Pure and simple.

Anything else is delusional and despotic superstition.

David Jetre
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Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, the Azolla Event, & Ice Ages

Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleocene-Eocene_Thermal_Maximum;

The Azolla Event http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azolla_event;

And no less than five significant ice ages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_ages

Obviously, Wikipedia is far from a scholarly online librum; nonetheless, it has a median reliability with regard to meteorological historicity.

Consider all points.

David Jetre
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Films & Nursery Rhymes

Well, if the Harry Potter anthology, the Twilight Series and Avatar are any indication (all multi-billion dollar runaway franchise successes), I may have to start writing scripts at a 4th grade reading level and using no more than a 100-word vocabulary in order to succeed in the film world.

Perhaps the secret to success has always rested in that oldest of literary devices, the nursery rhyme, as to the enduring power of the painfully simple.


David Jetre
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A few days ago there was a more responsible tenet in the air.

Today, I am to be taxed (threatened, even imprisoned) if I do not yield and pay not to manage my life, lifestyle and health choices—but those of strangers.  All the choices I have made to extend and promote my vitality—rejection of addictions, monastic restraint to casual intimacy, moderation in food, excessive exercise, regular regimen of training, meditation, clarity of thought, balance of chemistry, hyper-literacy, imagination, cultivation of joy, embrace of healing sleep—are at once overthrown by disloyal, post-American ideologues (who, of course, don’t have to participate in the very scheme they’ve stamped on me—us, the people) who now demand I finance the curing of crippling syndromes and self-destructive lifestyles of the unwise and the appetites of the indulgent.

Am I my brother’s keeper?  Yes, but by choice, not coercion.

And their math on this debacle is pure purposed deception.  Anyone who has a basic, grade-school grasp of arithmetic can at once see the  immediate potential for ruin on this forced and cryptic legislation.  This law reads like code.

Virtually every decision of this brazen, disaffected administration is a debasement of capitalism, free market corrections, political balance, fiduciary accountability, punishment of predators, individualism, corporate responsibility, constitutional law, foreign relations, statesmanship and our republic—which it seems wholly obsessed with mutilating into some garish European doppelganger.  We’ll soon  be indistinguishable from now-crippled England.

Rarely has a democratic representative been more corrosive to the republic which he most emptily swore to defend.

Their nigh-absolute acquittal of the immoral, unethical and unlawful fiscal pirates in the banking industry alone should warrant their immediate removal from office.

I thought the last administration was bad, bordering on criminal, but this regime has trumped the excesses and injustices of the former authority by uncounted orders of  magnitude.

You can literally use the word sinister now without fear of hyperbole.

Madness has become mantra.

The sun sets on a once-great republic.

Time to dust off the exit strategy v1.

God help us.

David Jetre
Writer | Producer | Director | Designer
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