Who Do You Say That I Am?

He is King of the Jews
He is King of Israel
He is King of all the Ages
He is King of Heaven
He is King of Glory
He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords

A prophet before Moses
A priest after Melchizedek
A champion like Joshua
An offering in place of Isaac
A king from the line of David
A wise counselor above Solomon
A beloved, rejected, and exalted son like Joseph and yet far more…

The Heavens declare his glory and the firmament shows His handiwork
He who is, who was, and who always will be
The first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph and the Tau
He is the first fruits of them that slept

He is “I AM that I AM”
The voice of the burning bush
He is the Captain of the Lord’s Host
He was conqueror of Jericho
He is enduringly strong
He is entirely sincere
He is eternally steadfast
He is immortally graceful
He is imperially powerful
He is impartially merciful
In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily; the very God of very God
He is our Kinsman-Redeemer
He is our Avenger of Blood
He is our City of Refuge
He is our Performing High Priest
He is our Personal Prophet
He is our Reigning King

He is the loftiest idea in literature
He is the highest personality in Philosophy
He is the fundamental doctrine of Theology
He is the supreme problem in Higher Criticism
He is the miracle of all the ages; the superlative of everything good

By Him were all things made that were made; without Him was not anything made that was made, and by Him are all things held together

He was born of a woman so we could be born of God
He humbled Himself so that we could be lifted up
He became a servant so that we could be made co-heirs
He suffered rejection so that we could become His friends
He denied Himself so that we could freely receive all things
He gave Himself so that He could bless us in every way

He is available to the tempted and the tried
He blesses the young
He cleanses the lepers
He defends the feeble
He delivers the captives
He discharges the debtors
He forgives the sinners
He franchises the meek
He guards the besieged
He heals the sick
He provides strength to the weak
He regards the aged
He rewards the diligent
He serves the unfortunate
He sympathizes and He saves

His Offices are manifold
His Reign is righteous
His Promises are sure
His Goodness is limitless
His Light is matchless
His Grace is sufficient
His Love never changes
His Mercy is everlasting
His Word is enough
His Yoke is easy and His burden is light

He is Indescribable
He is Incomprehensible
He is Irresistible
He is Invincible

The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him
Man cannot explain Him
The Pharisees couldn’t stand him but soon learned they couldn’t stop Him
Pilate couldn’t find any fault with Him
The witnesses couldn’t agree against Him
Herod couldn’t kill Him
Death couldn’t handle Him
The grave couldn’t hold Him

He has always been and always will be
He had no predecessor and will have no successor
You can’t impeach Him and He’s not going to retire
His name is above every name; that at the name of Yeshua every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
His is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever, Amen.

I wish I could describe Him to you

By Chuck Missler


Rio Bravo

Angie Dickinson

Rio Bravo 4

Rio Bravo 3

Rio Bravo 5

Rio Bravo 2

A mouth-watering (28-years young) Angie Dickinson as Feathers in Howard Hawks’s handsomely shot Rio Bravo (1959) with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan.

Filmed in my old town of Tucson, Arizona.

Yet another reason to build my time machine.

David Jetre
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An Ordinary Man

My fair lady

Well after all, Pickering, I’m an ordinary man,
Who desires nothing more than an ordinary chance,
to live exactly as he likes, and do precisely what he wants…

An average man am I, of no eccentric whim,
Who likes to live his life, free of strife,
doing whatever he thinks is best, for him,
Well… just an ordinary man…

But, Let a woman in your life and your serenity is through,
she’ll redecorate your home, from the cellar to the dome,
and then go on to the enthralling fun of overhauling you

Let a woman in your life, and you’re up against a wall,
make a plan and you will find, that she has something else in mind,
and so rather than do either you do something else that neither likes at all

You want to talk of Keats and Milton, she only wants to talk of love,
You go to see a play or ballet, and spend it searching for her glove

Let a woman in your life and you invite eternal strife,
Let them buy their wedding bands for those anxious little hands —
I’d be equally as willing for a dentist to be drilling than to ever let a woman in my life

I’m a very gentle man, even tempered and good natured who you never hear complain,
who has the milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein

A patient man am I, down to my fingertips,
the sort who never could, ever would, let an insulting remark escape his lips

Very gentle man…

But, Let a woman in your life, and patience hasn’t got a chance,
she will beg you for advice, your reply will be concise,
and she will listen very nicely, and then go out and do exactly what she wants

You are a man of grace and polish, who never spoke above a hush,
all at once you’re using language that would make a sailor blush

Let a woman in your life, and you’re plunging in a knife,
Let the others of my sex, tie the knot around their necks,
I prefer a new edition of the Spanish Inquisition
than to ever let a woman in my life

I’m a quiet living man, who prefers to spend the evening in the silence of his room,
who likes an atmosphere as restful as an undiscovered tomb,
A pensive man am I, of philosophical joys, who likes to meditate, contemplate,
far for humanity’s mad inhuman noise, Quiet living man….

But, let a woman in your life, and your sabbatical is through,
in a line that never ends comes an army of her friends,
come to jabber and to chatter and to tell her what the matter is with you,

She’ll have a booming boisterous family, who will descend on you en mass,
she’ll have a large Wagnerian mother, with a voice that shatters glass,

Let a woman in your life,
Let a woman in your life,
Let a woman in your life,

I shall never let a woman in my life.

The Hardest Piece of the Puzzle to Find

In over twelve years of being in business for myself, I can say—categorically, without a doubt—the most difficult thing to find is a dedicated, Alpha male/female salesperson who can, without external motivation or threat, get new business.

I have been misled so many times by those men and women who claim to be “hardcore” salespeople—I’ve released, fired or separated from so many false starts its sad.

As a younger man, frankly, I despised salespeople.  I was so tired of their constant mining for leads and work, even in the most innocuous of settings. But now, as a business person, I have nothing but respect for those people who can make 100+ cold calls a day, chase the leads, land the client and put money in the ledger. There is something extremely rare about a personality that brave, that tenacious and that dedicated to expanding the frontiers of their work.  I see these men and women very differently now.

So, my hats off to all those salespeople out there making it all happen for whoever writes their checks.

David Jetre
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2009: The Death of Storytelling

I think it can be safely attested that 2009 saw a string of dismal and inexplicably flawed films, unfortuantely including but not limited to: the laughable X-Men: Wolverine, the pointless Terminator Salvation, the shockingly incompetent reboot of Star Trek, and the mortifying Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

It is hard to believe these movies were made. And sadly, I have to agree with their consensus—filmmaking skills in Hollywood are in a shrieking full-throttle nosedive.

To quote The Snark,  [Hollywood] filmmaking has “deteriorated from it’s regular low rung of mediocrity, to pervasive apathy, to incurable stupidity, to finally a blundering inferiority and imbecility—you can smell the rot from India.”

Whereas harsh, it does speak to the continuing careless decline of movie-making in America.

So far the only strong film this year has been Pixar’s powerful senior commentary Up.

Last word:  the movie industry has no grounds to complain about other media (i.e., video games) “stealing their market share” when they, by constant inferior craft, are willing to give it away.

David Jetre
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