Don’t Waste Your Time with IMDB.COM

Just when I had the glimmer of a hope that my deep contempt for had finally waned, I attempted to update my current project, the sci-fi thriller Damascus, on which we are currently in development.

You see, there are numerous categories listed on for film status, such as “pre-production”, “production” and “in development.”

Like the farce that is, if you actually invest, oh, say an hour or two, trying to navigate IMDB’s medieval update queues, properly filling out the current status of a film (in my case, Damascus), and truthfully indicate that your film is in development or pre-production, your submission will be summarily rejected.

Then why does even have categories for development, writing, pre-production and production if they don’t care about unfinished films? God forbid offend the major studios or those actors considers ‘worthy.’

Despite the fact has mutiple entries for “established” studio directors’ future projects, yours are not welcomed or allowed.

To actually take the bait and indicate your film is anything but in a current theatrical run, it to be immediately red-flagged as an official waste of time.

So, don’t waste your time with, unless you are looking for agents or managers.’s exact words:

“Thanks for your new title addition to IMDb. Our title managers have recently examined the information which you supplied and it appears this title will not qualify for inclusion until it is in an advanced stage of production or completed, sorry.


“Please wait until your project is announced in the trades (an article, not just a chart listing), accepted at a selective/competitive film festival or released to the general public. You may then supply a URL containing this information as proof of your project’s eligibility via the IMDb additions system.”

Again, the regular politics and manipulations of a small-minded and fear-crippled industry.

This is why emperors, in bygone ages, just wiped entire peoples off the face of the map.   Historically, to educate some stiff-necked people has proven fruitless.

Like, these organizations exclude anyone who approaches their service with honesty or integrity.

I have come to wish never existed.

David Jetre
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