Taylor Placker & Skyla Whitaker

Being in the entertainment business, I try to excite, enthrall, educate and enlighten with my work—what artist doesn’t?

At the end of the day, however, I have to admit to myself that I am playing. Don’t get me wrong: I am working very hard, but ultimately I am working very hard at playing.

And ever more regularly our weak culture snaps me back to reality with thrill-seeking headlines of the latest atrocity or reign of terror.

Case in the point, the brutal murders of Taylor Placker and Skyla Whitaker—13 and 11 eleven years old, respectively—killed on their way to a sleepover, their bodies tossed in a ditch.

Now, most sane people understand my next point, several of you don’t.  Please pay attention, grow up and learn how to handle the darkness.

  1. Motive of the killer: irrelevant
  2. What was gained by the killing: irrelevant
  3. Condition of the killer (psychological or otherwise) during the murder: irrelevant.

These considerations are categorically immaterial.

To kidnap to young girls and to brutally slaughter them, causing their last moments on this Earth to be scarred with unfathomable horror, fear, loneliness, and life-ending pain automatically—without interpretation—categorizes one as a “monster.”

Now, here are the rules your parents may not have taught you:

  1. You do not negotiate with a monster.
  2. You do not seek to understand a monster.
  3. You do not accommodate a monster.
  4. You do not entertain a monster.
  5. You do not bargain with a monster.
  6. You do not imprison and study a monster.
  7. You do not dismiss a monster.
  8. You do not ignore a monster.
  9. You do not buy the rights to the monster’s confessional autobiography.
  10. And most important of all…you never, ever fail to call a monster what it really is.

How do you deal with monsters?

You employ all art, science and powers of investigative detection and you capture the monster.

Now, once you have proven well beyond a reasonable doubt—by videotape, confession, undeniable DNA evidence—that the accused is in fact the monster you are looking for, you take the monster and you kill it: swiftly, surely and efficiently.

You destroy the monster along with all the monsters’ friends who helped it, if any.

Whoever murdered Taylor Placker and Skyla Whitaker is a monster. He may look like a man (or woman), he may dress like a man, carry a man’s name, and conduct himself in all points as a man — but he is, in fact, a monster.

All those fairy tales we heard as children are true: Monsters prey on children until the hero comes along and cuts its head off.

Find the murderer—not some other criminal we decide to pin the blame on so the public can feel secure, not some patsy who falls victim to mob mentality, not some stand-in bad guy—and only the murderer.

Tell him why he’s going to die and kill him.

And the next monster that shows up and does the same thing, it’s just rinse and repeat. Buy and ax and a grinding stone, keep it sharp, and be ready to swing when the next child-raping/killing monster shows up.

I know its hard for many of you to understand. I know you don’t want to believe it. I know many of you cannot discern judgment from violence, thus chirping “but doesn’t that make us just as bad as them?”

The answer is NO. What makes us as “bad as them” is when we fail to be the hero and we let the monsters run free among our children, who they invariably kill.

Grow up. Figure it out. Join the hunt.

The Modern Siren Regina Spektor

Far from the shrill, overproduced noise of the modern music scene is the impeccable Regina Spektor.

This woman has almost single-handedly restored my waning faith in modern pop.

Elegant, profound, eclectic, wisely odd, inventive: Regina Spektor has captivated me with her sheer uniqueness and daring musical style.

Her latest releases Samson and On the Radio are mesmerizing. And I can safely say that Better resonates with me on a level so deep, I have begun a personal audit to figure out what exactly she hit inside me with that song.

A true artist.

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner

Recently I had a strange and penetrating desire to learn more about the sultry screen siren Ava Gardner. As I remain helplessly addicted to tall brunettes, I decided to read more about this legendary actress.

Lee Server’s book “Love is Nothing” is entralling but ultimately tragic as he recounts the stunning temptress’ famous marriages, endless excesses and insecurity-driven indulgences.

Ironically, I think I liked her as a fantasy before the sordid details of her conflicted life were laid out before in black and white.

I read this book and I’ve been sad ever since. My muse was one of sorrow it seems.

Still, I like saying her name: AVA GARDNER.

The name conjures like a spell.

Hamas & Hezbollah

There are some things in the world so grotesque that to remain silent about them is irresponsible to the human race and our moral evolution as a species and as a civilization. Sadly it has become clear the U.S. Government keeps Hamas and Hezbollah around to purposefully destabilize the Middle East to justify perpetual military spending.

No long-winded dissertation is required here. No lengthy evaluation of the pros and cons of the accused.

  1. Hamas and Hezbollah are not displaced patriots or cruelly oppressed refugees.  They are not “misunderstood.” Both these organizations are barbaric cults of psychotic serial killers who prey on the weak.
  2. Both organizations should be bombed off the human map tonight.
  3. All their friends and allies should be shot and their bodies heaped up in the desert to rot in the hot sun.

Scorpions have to eat too.

AT&T — Right Up There With Verizon

$216.13 a month for a cell phone I almost never use.

Sound extreme? That’s because it is, but that doesn’t stop AT&T from continuously and mysteriously over-billing me every month. Like the patient soul I am, I have repeatedly asked them to justify my outrageous bill every month and every month I am promised “the next billing cycle” will be more sane.

Like Verizon, AT&T has become a den of thieves. They have demonstrated total apathy is reconciling my account — they just want my money.

Every month I go through the vain ritual of contacting AT&T by phone, telling them of their overages only to have the entire conversation forgotten by the next attendant the following month.

Sadly, as we continue to unravel as a culture these abuses will continue.

Jacques Marie Emile Lacan

I am refreshing myself with the works of Jacques-Marie-Émile Lacan (1901-1981).  An influential French psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and doctor, Lacan’s “return to Freud” and more wonderfully, his famous Three Orders (The Imaginary, The Symbolic and The Real) are very interesting.

As with many men and women in his field, I can’t say that I entirely agree with Lacan on many of his suppositions, but the elegance and depth of his work is refreshing.

I forgot how much I love the study of psychology, psychoanalysis and sociology.