Just a friendly warning that there is no greater poster child for the unchecked deception of the modern American corporation than Verizon.

As a communication company they are adept at keeping you from actually communicating with any live human being, and specialize in demoralizing you with endless voice prompts and labrynths of department hand-offs.

Whatever service they quote you, know they are deceiving you. Your bill will routinely be 30% – 40% above whatever they quote, minimum.

Also, any incentive they promise you will require nothing less than a crusade on your part to actually receive.  Like most American businesses, Verizon has been corrupted by a chilling amount of avarice.  They will make many promises and then—as Verizon did—deny they ever made such a promise.

If you actually decide their incentives are worth it, or more importantly, if you decide it might be important for multi-billion dollar corporate players to actually be held to even the lowest rung of ethical accountability, that is, keeping their word, you will have a purposefully tortuous journey ahead of you.

Like many incentive and rebates “opportunites” they count on discouraging you from actually pursuing some obscure gift they promised you…you know, way back when…

These corporations recognize the average American has an attention span of thirty seconds—thank you Michael Bay and MTV—and know if they can just hold off from fulfilling their promise, you will eventually forget about it.

Companies like Verizon are tactically designed to discard you in a fog of disqualifications, false statements, delays, back orders, inflated bills and outright lies.

As I have said many times before: deception is the new business, and there is no greater villain in this grotesque play than Verizon.

Verizon also proves the new paradigm: customer = victim.

These guys are pretty much trash, the same flavor of scum as the Texas Department of “Public Safety”, and just like that racket, don’t ever assume they have seen any “light on the road to Damascus” just because you finally pulled their rusted iron claws from your flesh.

There is always someone else for these vultures to exploit. Sadly, they know that.

And now so do you.

Be careful.


Among Those Dante Met in His Trip…

I have a particular disdain for the untalented and unimaginative horde of people whose only purpose is simply to take something, mark it up, and resell it. These people neither add or increase any aspect of the product except its price.

The rationale is something like this. You want something, say, Item A.  I, on the other hand, have no interest in Item A. My interest in Item A stems only from the fact I know you want it. Therefore, I will buy Item A before you do, and sell back to you at a significantly increased cost.

This actually passes as an ethically viable business model in America, when in fact, it is nothing more than pre-emptive extortion and theft.

URLs for example: obviously the hottest item on the market as any good URL name can make a great business ($27 million dollars for anyone?). There are entire brigades of buyers who do nothing but deflect businesses by buying up meaningful URL addresses. So, instead of simply permitting a company to buy a URL on a legitimate first-come/first-serve basis for a minimum cost of, say, $100, these cartels extort a far higher price. URLs are easily inflated well over 100 times their actual selling cost. Simply the newest species in our long, sad history of obstructionists and meddlers.

Instead of being a legal cost that they were intended to be, URLs have become a commodity open to the higher bidder.

These cartels, as we all have known for the better part of a decade, will simply sit on a URL for years with no interest of actually doing anything with it.  Commonly, this is called cyber-squatting.

This is what we, and the rest of the world, have sunk to. We no longer achieve greatness by being the uncontested best, but by being the craftiest, the most underhanded, and the most undermining to our competitors—success by subterfuge. There are hundreds of millions of people who believe in subtracting from your opponent: such is the strategem of the weak.  Only when you defeat your opponent in the prime of his strength, at the zenith of his form, have you won anything. Otherwise, you are a just a thief.  A rich one, no doubt, but just a thief.  Achievement by artifice is lame.  Regrettably, the fabric of the human soul is comprised mostly of pride and cowardice—but everybody knows that so I’ll move along.

This is like winning the prize fight because you poisoned your opponent the night before the big fight.

Naturally, this behavior is trumpeted and defended by an endless barrage of survivalist apologia from every sector of modern American business.

In the end, you may be mistaken as the champion, or a great businessman, but you are in fact, one of the many moral failures that comprise the new America. The human race produces 999 sinners for every 1 legitimate saint.

Today in our country business is closer to sabotage than excellence. Regrettably, as we sink deeper and deeper into cultural amorality and deceit, most business (the scams of the Texas Department of “Public Safety”, endless tides of spam, the never-ending carousel of destructive hackers and Internet thieves, and the foreclosure racket warping our economy come immediately to mind) are mutating into organized crime.

The new paradigm ratifies that business = criminality. Accordingly, we are long into the sunset of our greatness.

Basically, the first chapter of the Book of Romans.