Judge Not Lest Thee Be Judged

Jesus Driving Out The Moneychangers

There is always some biblically illiterate moralist who pipes up the minute any perversion, appointment of incompetence or gravely self-destructive behavior is put on public display: they are, of course, the ones who says 1 of 2 things:

  1. “Judge not lest thee be judged”; and
  2. “What would Jesus do?”

Frequently these are chirped by people who have never read the Bible, or understand it if they did.

First of all, “Judge not lest thee be judged” is taken completely out of context from the Gospel of Matthew (7:1) and has nothing to do with judging right from wrong, or even other people, but is frequently segregated from the verses that follow it, which clearly declare “first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

Okay, either way, there is some casting out going on.

The entire Bible is about judgment, and on the part of the englightened mind, how to avoid it. That’s why there are those little things called commandments. You are expected to judge every case wisely. In fact, you are commanded to judge wisely. What you are commanded not to do is to judge unwisely, or in matters which you have no intimate knowledge. The entire library called the Bible focuses on judgment.  Human law—moral, ethical and legal—is about judging behavior: what is right and what is wrong?

Now the next time someone tries to assuage your sense of justice by saying “What would Jesus do?”

Ask them if they mean the Jesus who forgave the sinner, or the Jesus that made a whip of cords and drove the sinners out the temple.

Jesus could scrap when he needed to. He was a carpenter. Big forearms.

Think about it.


Nipple Rings & Transportation Security Administration

No doubt many of you have heard of the latest incident with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) who, regrettably can be added to the long list of power-drunk, blindly compliant regimes that are popping up within America.  This ranks up there with entrusting our ports to foreign Arab nations and the very model of our national travel security—our passports—to companies in Thailand.

As with the Texas Department of “Public Safety” we have heard enough absurd indiscretions and power plays by the TSA to relegate them to the same corner we put all governmental dunces.

A detection of metal, albeit minor—fair enough. In an of itself worthy of clarification. Clearly established as a nipple ring—irrelevant.

People, these are the fools in charge of our security: dim-witted, draconic and incapable of those fundamental powers of observation and judgment enjoyed by any 12-year old child.

Is it just me, or is our society unraveling all around us.

If this is the best we can do then we deserve every catastrophe that befalls us.

Then Came Vangelis

Set in the mythical kingdom of Nymiria, Vangelis follows a noble band of knights trying to escape a traitorous and resurrected warlord who seeks a powerful magical relic to establish a cruel and endless sovereignty.

Though set as a fantasy, Vangelis is an examination of how and why formerly great nations and kingdoms eventually wane, and finally fall. Blending many continental legends (the Arthurian romances, the Norse Volsunga saga, and the Kalevala among others) Vangelis explores the heroic dimension and its attendant virtues of honor, faith, and gallantry against their challengers: lust, pride, wrath and a host of moral conveniences and compromises that inevitably devalue all things that perpetrate and promote them.

A morality play in plate armor, this Tolkienesque war drama is going to eventually be one of the most beautiful films—guaranteed.

Praise Where Praise Is Due

Shroud Poster 1

Jetrefilm recently completed its first HD feature film, the gothic western Shroud. The story follows a young Dutch bride’s journey to Civil War America to find her missing husband, only to discover a 300-year old secret in the town in which he vanished. The story is a unique blend of history, myth, legend and 19th century, medieval and Old West culture. We are extraordinarily proud of this first film and have every confidence the story—as well as the surprise ending—will keep you guessing until the end.

Shroud was shot in over eight locations all over the state of Texas (including Willie Nelson’s Old West town “Willieville”), Arizona and San Diego, California. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the many natural and authentic wonders of the Lone Star State with our great cast and crew.

As we approach the end of this amazing journey, I just wanted to thank everyone for their hard work, patience, vision and willingness to play.

The Modern Inquisition: The Texas Department of Public Safety

UPDATE: March 12, 2008

Given that there has been a sudden and dramatic change in the course of this particular story, I felt compelled to announce a conclusion to this matter, and annotate my previous post.

It seems the Texas Department of Public Safety has finally communicated with Burnet County (a year after the initial incident) and has waived my latest suspension of my driver’s license. Fully re-instated, they have also dismissed the attendant fee. This ruling does not overturn the previous four years of arrests, fines, fees, and general merry-go-round of faxes and phone calls, but it does seem to have brought this grievous issue to a final close in my favor.

Had this level of clarity been present back in 2003, the last five years of my life would have been exponentially brighter. Nonetheless, I want to thank the Texas Department of Public Safety for righting this matter.

The original post follows:

And if you thought the IMDB was bad, wait until you have to deal with the impenetrable maze that is the Texas Department of “Public Safety.”

This bureaucracy would be better placed in the lowest pit of Dante’s Inferno than on any ledger in the Great State of Texas. Whether this cartel of corruption has any human beings capable of conscience within its ranks is a laughable supposition. There is no greater danger to the good name of The Lone Star State than this vile organization. With the zeal of the Spanish Inquisition, the Texas Department of “Public Safety” has plundered the pockets of millions of Texans with their latest scam—surcharges and license suspension.

Whether you are actually guilty of anything or not is irrelevant to the Texas Department of “Public Safety” and their Gestapo trainees at the Driver Improvement  & Compliance Bureau. The brazen impropriety of these people is staggering.

Only now do I have the courage to admit to myself that each contact with with Texas Department of “Public Safety” has been one chess move after another, positioning me more and more vulnerably within an organization with a strangle hold on my money and my freedom. I have literally been lied to…again and again and again.

Officers, lawyers, courts, judges and attorney generals of all Texas municipalities have proven powerless to stop the fascistic juggernaut that is the Texas Department of “Public Safety”—judgments are arbitrary, endless merry-go-rounds of fines, cruel and unusual surcharges added after you pay the initial fine, suspensions uncontested.

Phone lines busy for 7 months. Faxes unreturned. Emails ignored. They will not communicate—they will simply entrap and extort.

Like all the tyrannies of history, this regime believes itself above the accountability and self-corrections it demands of the good citizens of Texas. The Texas Department of “Public Safety” considers itself above the very same law with which it crushes honest supplicants seeking justice.

In my forty years on this Earth, I have heard of many horrible things, learned of oppressive governments and cruel tyrants who enslaved those they should be serving. Never could I have believed I would live so long as to see Texas so diseased with gross incompetence and willful extortion as it is today.

In my opinion, the Texas Department of “Public Safety” can neither be respected, nor regarded as serving the interests of the people of Texas. They are clearly a criminal organization and should be rebranded for the corrupt syndicate they really are: The Texas Department of Public Enslavement.

They are deceitful to the core, draped in scandal, illicit in imagination, and have snaked their way into the hierarchies of our beloved state. We are infiltrated by thieves.

Ladies and gentlemen: we have been betrayed.

If I were another sort of man, and these were the lost days of old, rebellion would be in the air and the treachery of the Texas Department of “Public Safety” would be answered with the gallows. Given the hour, we can only hope the architects of this ignoble scheme are voted out of office, exposed for the frauds they are, and given appropriate prison sentences commensurate with their participation in this sad chapter of Texas jurisprudence.

Only now do I realize how grievous an error I have committed but trusting these charlatans with my hopes of fairness: in the words of the Puritan hymn, my prayers have become my sins. I have leapt at every turn to comply with the Texas Department of “Public Safety.” I did so naively believing they were interested, even in some small microscopic measure, with the truth of the matter.

They are not.  And worse, they never were. I took me four painful years to learn this.

Only now can I confess that my compliance has been in fact complicity. I have aided the enemy in my attempt to obey their broken laws and placate their never-ending demand for more and more money.

Should the trumpet sound, I do not know who will charge in and save us from this devious organization and their perfidity and social poison.

As with all the aforementioned, it is the opinion of this writer that the Texas Department of “Public Safety” is a lawless money club, a thieving racket, and to give them any further fealty would be immoral.