Fled vs. Flad

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F L E D  n.  a flood that has receded.

Not to be confused with

F L A D  n.  a flood within the city limits of Boston, Massachussetts.

Good Nessie

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They’ll just put anything in your drink these days.

Virgin Worlds

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Virgin World

Hereafter, in your immortality, you will rule worlds.

Heaven has many districts, and your “mansion” won’t be some mere cubicle made of pearl.

Treat this world well as practice.

Wash Her Hair

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Wash her hair

From time to time treat your girl to a personal hair washing.

A man must lead and he must defend.

But he must serve too.

And honestly, isn’t that the best part of the deal?

Last Pub on the Left

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What better place to hang with a few drinking buddies?

Well Armed Friends

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Well armed friends

It is not entirely a bad thing to have a few devout, very well armed friends you can call in a pinch.

Wing Chun Dummy

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Wing Chun

One of my favorite training methods is the Wing Chun dummy shown above.


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