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And for the record…

If I feel you are incapable of telling the truth, and are prone to distortions, me choosing to not listen to you is not censorship.

Or vice versa: if you feel I am incapable of truth, and you unfollow or unfriend me on Facebook, or unsubscribe to my channel, or whatever…

Boys and girls, that’s not censorship.

Any more than me not buying your latest CD or not going to your concerts, not watching your movies, not attending your football games, or not participating in your protests.. is censorship.

As I’ve said before, being a totalitarian movement the Far Left has never understood (and continually rejects) that in a free market that operates on the open exchange of ideas, products, services and free speech, dissent or disagreement is not censorship… and to say that it is, well, is dishonest to be point of being sinister.

True censorship is rooted far less in the market than the establishment: denying people the same neutral forum you otherwise granted to someone else who agrees with you, trying to intimidate your perceived opponents through violence, destroying the property of those you don’t share your views, rejecting elections, executing the intelligentsia, imprisoning clergy because of their message of hope and calls for justice, inventing “hate speech” and then charging those with different opinions with it, de-legitimizing the Law of Non-Contradiction, denying the scientific evidence against your theory, burying proofs that don’t fit snugly into your paradigm, doing end-runs around lawful legislatures by passing laws through judge-shopping (a Far Left favorite: one non-legislative/non-executive strong man overruling the will of an entire nation)…

These are all closer to true censorship.

And finally, you should know the decline of your influence in the lives of your friends, even your family, city, state, country or even the world (when measured in social metrics) is less the result of them persecuting you…

or censoring you…

And more everyone else seeing through your demented and arcane fantasy and deciding, like so many other failed propositions, you’re only peddling some nonsense that assuages your insecurities (not ours), justifies your failures (not ours), and legitimizes those traumas that deformed your nature (not ours).

That is not censorship, any more than being punished for cheating is.

No, that is maturity.

Neuroses is not Truth.


My original post is a general response to several specific inputs, mostly shrill charges (including a few samples against President Trump and his confrontations with various news outlets) from people who confuse dissent as censorship.

This stems from the constant word-tricks played by some. For instance, I had one person claim “You unfriended me!  You’re censoring me!” to which I answered “Only from my life, not anyone else’s.”

One’s associations are one’s private property, per se – the right to associate (read, watch, attend, hang out, partner with, trust, marry) whom you wish.

Censorship is a technical term with a far more authoritarian root: silencing opposition.

Throughout history, powerful entities including religions (famously the Catholic Church, now elements of Islam), governments, entrenched Deep State institutions, military-industrial complexes, scientific fads, sometimes social causes, have sought not only to challenge others, but to silence them entirely up to and including detentions, arrests, life sentences, forced labor, and all out executions.

The Bold Mind resents and resists censorship if only because it prevents good ideas from openly thrashing bad ideas, and prevents the ascent of civilization from error to enlightenment. Vis-à-vis, the better idea eventually wins, unless it is strangled in its crib by those whom it will eventually de-power.

Focusing on a small part of this point – the news media – we recognize we are now in a technological culture of vast horizons where the oligarchical control of the press in the hands of a triumvirate of corporations has largely vanished. Even social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, a few thousand independent news sites including metrics, trending data, deep analysis) have liberated us from the patrician commands of the few who, as we have learned, are woefully out of step with not only the average American, but the average human being on this Earth.

Their choke hold broken, we are seeing the last thrashes of entrenched authoritarian sectors like Hollywood (shifting to Asia), academia (yielding to private schools and Internet), and the mainstream press (challenged by dissenting political broadcasters) as hundreds of millions of people are rushing to more open, less dogmatic gates of information – for the good and yes, and for the bad in some cases.

So, my point: it is not censorship to lose your readership or your audience because they have finally discovered you are not telling them the whole story and are instead picking sides; selecting what the unwashed, non-aristocratic masses should hear today; whitewashing your criminals while lynching someone else’s; and generally abusing your position (the press = neutrality) to shape the world after some painfully outdated, usually Marxist group think.

These people need to take the starch out of their arms, put off their jackboots, drop those failed 19th century manifestos of domination and control, and return to the core values of their trade:

Inform the electorate.

Nothing more.

We the people choose: not the press, not Hollywood, not colleges, nor any other imagined aristocracy.

No kings.

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