ACLJ Files 2 New Lawsuits Against Deep State DOJ and FBI Over Comey’s Sham Investigation and Uranium One Scandal

We’re once again taking on the deep state over both the sham Clinton investigation and the Uranium One scandal.

Yesterday, in response to what has become an all-too-familiar pattern and practice of failure by several federal bureaucratic agencies to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements and answer the ACLJ’s FOIA requests as the law requires, we filed two new FOIA lawsuits in which we are asking a federal court to order the agencies to issue determinations and produce documents responsive to the ACLJ’s FOIA request.

The first lawsuit is against four agencies:

  1. Department of State
  2. Department of Justice (DOJ)
  3. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and
  4. U.S. Treasury Department.

In this suit, we are seeking to obtain documents concerning a decision by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) to transfer the U.S.’s controlling interest in Uranium One to the Russian state-owned ARMZ – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian nuclear giant, Rosatom.

As we reported last November, the U.S. transfer is highly suspect. Why would the Obama Administration approve a deal that would result in making Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and bring Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain? It is further reported that at the time CFIUS approved the deal:

  1. The FBI was investigating bribes, kickbacks and racketeering by the Russian conglomerate’s American subsidiary calculated to compromise contracts in the American nuclear energy industry and the Attorney General’s representative sat on CFIUS;
  2. Russian nuclear officials had reportedly given $145 million to the Clinton Foundation while then-Secretary Clinton’s representative sat on the CFIUS; and
  3. Then-Secretary Clinton’s husband received $500,000 from the Russian government for a speech in Moscow.

The ACLJ’s FOIA, and now the resulting lawsuit, seeks information that would shed light on this ill-advised—and, frankly, foolish—deal approved by CFIUS. Specifically, the information the ACLJ has demanded in its FOIA request will reveal just how much information the Obama FBI/DOJ provided to members of the CFIUS before its approval of the deal, as well as the validity of reports that Russia tried to bribe Hillary Clinton.

Just last week, an FBI informant involved in the controversial Uranium One deal (silenced under the Obama Administration and threatened with prosecution for sharing details regarding the Uranium One deal) gave a 10-page statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee, and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that APCO Worldwide – a global public affairs consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. – was hired by Russia in an effort to influence the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton. According to the informant, Russian nuclear officials “told [him] at various times that they expected APCO to apply a portion of its funds received from Russia to provide in-kind support for the Clintons’ Global Initiative.”  Specifically, in exchange for Russia’s payment of more than $3 million dollars, “APCO was expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative as part of their effort to create a favorable environment to ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the US-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement.”

In light of this newly released information, the immediate release of the information sought by the ACLJ in its FOIA request is more important than ever – a fact that even the DOJ and the FBI have acknowledged. In an initial response to our FOIA request, the DOJ and FBI conceded that the information the ACLJ seeks is “a matter of widespread and exceptional media interest in which there exist possible questions about the government’s integrity which affect public confidence,” and should be released as soon as possible. The DOJ’s National Security Division further reiterated that there “is a particular urgency to inform the public about an actual or alleged federal government activity.” Despite these acknowledgments, the government – after more than three months’ time – has yet to produce any documents.

The ACLJ’s new lawsuit, because it will proceed under the supervision of a federal court, will prevent further delay by these agencies in responding to our FOIA request.

In our second lawsuit, the ACLJ demands documents long-overdue from the DOJ and FBI relating to the FBI’s investigation – under fired FBI Director James Comey – into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers and treatment of classified information.

As you might recall, late last year, the Senate Judiciary Committee obtained information, including the transcripts of FBI interviews of multiple witnesses in the investigation, which calls into question the objectivity of the FBI’s investigation. As the interviews revealed, Comey drafted his statement clearing Clinton as early as April or May – months before the FBI interviewed several key witnesses, including Clinton herself (who wasn’t interviewed until July 2 – days before Comey publicly announced his decision not to pursue criminal charges). In addition, the DOJ entered into “highly unusual” immunity agreements with key witnesses in the investigation, including Cheryl Mills (Clinton’s top aide) and Heather Samuelson (the aide tasked with going through the Clinton emails and deciding which should be made public and which deleted). It is reported that Mills and Samuelson agreed to allow the agency access to their computers in exchange for immunity – i.e. DOJ’s assurances that the findings of those searches would not be used against them.

We now know that early drafts of Comey’s statement announcing his decision not to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton strongly indicated she had violated federal law by hosting and sharing top secret information on a private server.

To shed light on what appears – more and more – to be a sham investigation by the Comey-led FBI, the ACLJ’s FOIA request seeks several distinct categories of records, including:

  1. all records concerning or relating in any manner to the decision of the FBI declining to prosecute Hillary Rodham Clinton;
  2. all drafts of then-Director Comey’s statement closing the Clinton investigation, from his original draft in early 2016 to the final version;
  3. all records regarding Comey’s decision to close the Hillary Clinton investigation and not prosecute her;
  4. all “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information” referenced by Comey in his statement on July 5, 2016;
  5. all records concerning the immunity agreements entered into between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and witnesses and/or subjects of the FBI’s Clinton investigation, including Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson; and
  6. all grand jury subpoenas obtained by the FBI to compel information from Hillary Clinton’s internet service providers.

While the FBI responded to the ACLJ’s request in October 2017 in what purported to be a final and complete response to the ACLJ’s request (simply directing the ACLJ to the FBI’s FOIA Library (The Vault) on the FBI’s public website), the ACLJ quickly determined that the FBI’s response was woefully inadequate. In fact, the documents on The Vault were responsive – at best – to only one category of documents requested (prior drafts of Comey’s statement). In addition, the documents contained inappropriate redactions by the FBI. Two  of the three emails from then-Director Comey posted on the Vault were entirely redacted. Dozens of other pages presumably relating to Comey’s draft statement were withheld in their entirety. Thus, the ACLJ appealed the FBI’s determination, but, predictably, the FBI/DOJ never responded to the ACLJ’s appeal.

In the lawsuit filed yesterday against the FBI and DOJ, the ACLJ challenges the adequacy of the FBI’s search for documents and asks the court, among other things, to (1) direct the FBI to perform an expedited, adequate search and produce all responsive records in its possession and (2) order that DOJ immediately respond to the ACLJ’s appeal.

We will continue to hold the deep state bureaucracy accountable.

Original article: Uranium One Scandal

The Unspoken Secret Behind America’s Decline by Ed Kugler

We live in historic times in America. The Left is in a full-scale war against a sitting President. Socialism is in vogue, thanks to Bernie Sanders. College campuses are social reeducation camps, and young Americans everywhere are sure life isn’t fair. Suddenly being offended, the current fad, is as popular as the Pet Rock used to be. Our descent to Third World status is reaching warp speed.

The people we elected to protect our rights, enforce our Constitution and keep us safe from our enemies are doing none of it. Instead, they vote themselves raises, pensions and exempt themselves from the very laws they enact upon we the people. A neighbor of mine growing up told me that if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Our elected officials, the elite, who now rule us and pander to the world money men, think every problem in America has a legislative solution, their nail. The lawyers see more law as the solution to everything from healthcare to conducting a war or dealing with child abuse. So what is the unspoken secret, the root of the problem.

Bernie Sanders, a Socialist who would have been the Democrats selection for President albeit for some crooked politics, was sure it was more money and a government that takes care of everything. Is that the secret? In the past year, the Department of Health & Human Services, HHS, spent $1.1 Trillion on we the people. That is nearly $9,000 for every single citizen. The latest statistics show we have 41 million people on welfare. Are programs and money going to solve the problem? Based on results, apparently not?  The ‘war on drugs’ is working well.

How bad are the problems? A new Kindergarten teacher I talked with a year ago told me she found two little boys, who were missing from her class after recess, performing oral sex in the bathroom. And yes, it was at what the community considered to be one of the ‘good’ schools. What exactly will a new program do for this problem? More importantly, where did a Kindergarten student learn about oral sex? We can rule out President Clinton’s example since they’re too young. What happened to morals?

A few years back I was speaking to students at a local high school. The school invited me to come in and discuss the Vietnam War. They set me up in the library, with tables for the students, and cycled in about thirty at a time for three days. The school was 50% Native American. As each class entered, their teacher sat in the back, and all Native American students chose to sit on the floor, under the table with their backs to me. I looked at the teacher each time, some shrugged their shoulders, others looked away, and I went on. What happened to respect?

If you talk with teachers today, you’ll be horrified at what goes on in our schools. Elementary kids are showing up with no coats in the dead of winter, meals before, during and after school. Teachers are expected to be Mother, Father, and Cop. The Superintendents are much like our elite in Washington, staying far removed from the action and above the fray. We spend $112 billion a year on a Department of Education that is primarily responsible for adding more and more regulations that require more time for teachers and more money spent on non-teachers. America spends more money per pupil than any other country on earth, except Luxomberg, a tiny financial capital in Europe. We rank only average in the world in reading and science and below average in mathematics. What happened to American education?

How is all this working out for our kids? Our test scores are an indicator that the future may not be so bright. How do we treat our children in this new, fast-paced world of the future, full of equality at any cost and social justice as a vocation? We had 1.3 million homeless kids attending public school last year. At least they are in school, how many are there we don’t know. Do you know that in 2015 nearly five children died every day in America from child abuse? 80% are under three years of age. In 1998 that number was three killed per day, with over half abused more than once, and roughly 80% of those abused are by parents. I’ll stop there on the little ones; it only gets worse.

What happens to our kids as they age, outside of abuse that is. Do you know that young people 12-20 years old consume 11% of all alcohol sold in our great Nation? Over 11 teens die each day from alcohol, and over 550 teens visit the ER every day due to alcohol. 35% of 12th graders drink and 10% drink and drive. 8% of 8th graders drink and 4% of 8th graders admitted to binge drinking. And then there are drugs.

A recent survey says 3,300 new students try pot every day. Of course, the Left would have us believe it’s okay, legalize marijuana. According to Recovery Village, 10% of A students smoke pot while 48% of D & F students do. In their findings pot lowers your IQ by at least 8 points. Besides allowing you not to have to deal with the big bad world.

In studies on the availability of drugs in our schools, high school students across the country responded, 91% of those surveyed said pot was readily available, another 24% said prescription drugs were no problem, 9% said cocaine was available, and 7% knew where to get Excstacy. Our ‘social experiments by FDR & LBJ et al., don’t seem to be working?

So what is the unspoken secret? I think John Adams nailed it in 1778 when he said, “The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families. … In vain are Schools, Academies, and Universities instituted, if loose principles and licentious habits are impressed upon children in their earliest years. The vices and examples of the parents cannot be concealed from the children.” Mr. Adams could be talking about today. Another wise man many years ago said, “No success can compensate for failure in the home.” Therein lays the unspoken secret, the destruction of the family.

The home is the key to a stable nation and producing productive adults. The home is where you learn morals, values, and accountability. The destruction of the family began many years ago. The root of its beginnings and its sustaining energy today comes from the Left. Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, whatever they call themselves today, are bent on destroying the family? We need only look to the Democratically controlled cities of Washington DC, Detroit or Baltimore for shining examples of family destruction.

As I write this word comes in of another school shooting in Florida. Multiple casualties, several dead and the never ending question of why? There’s no easy answer to that one. I do know the root cause comes from the destruction of the family unit. The first school shooting was in the 18th century when Indians attacked a school. The 19th century saw 28 school shootings and the 20th century shootings were 226. So far, including the most recent Florida shooting, there have been 212 in the first decade and a half of the 21st century. At this rate there will be 1,642 school shootings in this century. It’s not the guns, they’ve always been around. It’s the madness that has become our society.

What is driving the assault on families? Many things but a look back to January 10, 1963, when these folks were then known as Communists, gives us a clue. On that date a wise member of Congress, Representative A. S. Herlong of Florida read into the Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 the then current Communist Party goals. There were 45 in all and the two below; I think you would agree, have been accomplished quite well.

Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

A loose coalition of communists, socialists, progressives, and Marxists have been chipping away from the inside out for many years. They have taken over the Democratic Party, most of the Republican Party and thanks to 8 years of Obama, the institutions that make up our federal government. Marxists control nearly every college campus in America and wield more than a small influence in our nations school system. It’s an ideology; the conspiracy is among the worlds elite money men.

The question at this point in the war, and we are at war, is what will you do about it now that you know. The secret is out. Every problem listed above is the result of the destruction of the family and the elimination of the Judea Christian values of our nation. There is no amount of money in the world that will solve the lack of moral fiber we now face. And morality cannot be legislated, in spite of the current wave of attempts from the Left. The time is now.

Henry David Thoreau once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Are you going to pick up your ax and strike at the root? Or are you going continue hacking at the leaves as you sit in front of the big screen? We still have freedom of choice in America; the choice is yours.

FISA Memo Released and Fraud on the FISA Court Revealed

With the release of the House Intelligence Committee Memo, it is manifestly clear that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI participated in a fraud on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) in order to surveil Carter Page, a U.S. citizen. The FBI and the DOJ deliberately and intentionally advanced unverified opposition research paid for by one political party (the Democratic National Committee) designed to harm the opposing party by creating a fictional Russian collusion story as reliable fact. All this took place in the midst of a U.S. presidential election.

Evidently, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the Committee that but for reliance on the 35-page dossier, authored by Christopher Steele, the FISA warrant would neither have been sought nor obtained. After previously rejecting their initial request, The FISA judges relied on two sources as a basis for the eventual issuance of the warrant: the dossier authored by a foreign agent, Christopher Steele, and a Yahoo News report Mr. Steele gave to Yahoo News.

This behavior is a massive abuse of power and should outrage all Americans of both political parties.

In essence, a surveillance warrant was issued against an American citizen grounded in unverified, uncorroborated claims made by a foreign agent who “was desperate” to prevent the current President from winning the 2016 election and was passionate about him not being President. Despite this hostility toward the current President, in a 2017 filing in a British Court, Mr. Steele,  said the claims he made in the dossier were unverified. Speaking through his attorneys regarding an alleged hacker, Steele “acknowledges that the part of the 35-page dossier that identified Mr. Gubarev as a rogue hacker came from “unsolicited intelligence” and “raw intelligence” that “needed to be analyzed and further investigated/verified.” Mr. Steele’s court filing portrays him as a victim of Fusion GPS — the Washington firm that hired him with money from a Hillary Clinton backer. Fusion GPS specializes in opposition research for political parties and circulated the Steele dossier among reporters in an effort to injure the opponent of one of the major political parties. Mr. Steele’s unreliability is confirmed by virtue of evidence that Christopher Steele lied to the FBI when he said he did not speak to the media.

Based largely on the information contained in the Steele dossier, financed by Fusion GPS and funded by a political party with the aid of the party’s law firm, on October 21, 2016, the DOJ and FBI obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting a peripheral member of the Trump campaign and subsequently three FISA renewals from the FISC.

The FISA statute, 50 U.S.C. §1805 (d)(1) requires a FISA order on an American citizen be renewed by FISC every 90 days. Each renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause. Then-FBI-Director James Comey, the now-disgraced former director, signed three FISA applications on behalf of the FBI, and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one. Signing on behalf of the DOJ were the Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, and current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of the Department of Justice. Parenthetically, readers should note that Mr. Boente currently serves as General Counsel for the FBI currently led by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Because foreign intelligence activity is very sensitive and because surveilling American citizens implicates the important constitutional rights we hold as citizens, the integrity of the FISA process depends on the court’s ability to hold the government to the highest standards. This means that the evidence adduced before the court must demonstrate probable cause as well as the absence of bias. Thus, all material and relevant evidence favorable to the American target should be released to the court, including evidence that the affidavit on which the FISA warrant was issued was grounded in unverified evidence funded by a political party. In addition, FISC’s rigor in protecting the rights of Americans including applications for a 90-day renewal of surveillance order depends on the government’s production to the court of all material relevant facts including evidence of bias attributed to Mr. Steele, Fusion GPS, and an opposition political party.

Failure to submit all material evidence to the FISA court constitutes a fraud on the court. Even more outrageous, the source of the relevant FISA order targeting Carter Page was created by a foreign national. This means that the FBI and DOJ outsourced their research and arguably violated their solemn duty to the American people. By doing so, these two government departments fueled the narrative that the Russian interfered in America’s last presidential election. On the contrary, the adducible evidence shows that members of the FBI and the DOJ interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign much more than any Russian operative. They placed their fingers on the scales of democracy to favor one candidate over another.

This behavior suggests that each individual who signed the FISA applications on behalf of the DOJ and/or the FBI, should be required to testify under oath before Congress and the American people and give a defensible account for their misconduct. Otherwise they must face consequences. They must be held accountable.

A Fettered Captive

But, even at the risk of interrupting the argument, we cannot refrain from pausing for a moment to glance at the solemn warning contained in the title ” God of this Age.” There is indeed reason to believe that the Devil has received far more directly personal worship than those who are not accustomed to investigate such matters would imagine. But it is to something more general that Paul refers. His own words in another place will best explain his meaning — “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey.”

There are two laws set before us, that of God and that of Satan ; and whose law we keep, his servants and worshipers we are. Profession, however vehement, goes for nothing in the other world. We may profess the worship of the Supreme God, we may be very sedulous in the outward part of it ; but if at the same time we are obeying the law of Satan, his subjects we are reckoned to be, and to him our prayers and praises ascend. And the law of Satan is this ; — That we seek all our pleasures in, and fix all our heartfelt hopes upon, this present age over which he presides ; and that we use our best endeavors — by means of various sensuous and intellectual occupations and delights, and countless ways of killing time which he has provided — to keep our thoughts from ever wandering into that age to come which will see him a fettered captive instead of a prince and a god.

George Hawkins Pember, Earth’s Earliest Ages – The Interval 39

A Quiver of Cobras

Just read Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s indictment online.

How about some context?

During the 2012 presidential election, President Obama famously mocked then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for believing Russia was the biggest geopolitical danger facing America.

Two years later, President Obama’s IRS was aggressively discriminating against his political enemies. This case was finally settled in November 2017 with the IRS admitting guilt and apologizing in a Consent Order:

Documents released earlier this year in our lawsuit revealed that the IRS, under the Obama Administration, constructed a special group to review “all applications associated with the Tea Party.” The group was apparently designed to snare targeted organizations’ tax exemption applications to limit their impact during the 2012 elections. Many conservative organizations, including our clients, were placed on “Be-on-the-Lookout” (BOLO) lists if their names or policy positions gave the appearance they were affiliated with the Tea Party.

The IRS was able to protect its politically targeted scheme by hiding its operations and activity behind the layers of bureaucracy festering within the IRS and with the cooperation of other government agencies under the Obama Administration. The IRS even colluded with Obama’s FBI and DOJ in an attempt to “piece together” false criminal charges against the Tea Party groups it was wrongfully targeting.

Meeting notes from this high level October 8, 2010 meeting show that former top IRS official Lois Lerner and several other IRS officials “met with the section chief and other attorneys from the Department of Justice Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section, and one representative from the FBI, to discuss recent attention to the political activity of exempt organizations.”  Those discussions focused on “several possible theories to bring criminal charges” against these conservative groups… In fact, in furtherance of this collusion, the IRS had sent the FBI 21 computer disks, which included 1.25 million pages of presumably confidential taxpayer information on 113,000 non-profit groups.  

This could have encompassed nearly every 501(c)4 group in the country.

And guess who was the 6th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during all that?

None other than Robert Mueller himself (2001-2013).

Shortly thereafter, Obama’s state department, led by Secretary of State John Kerry (2013-2017), issues the visas (June 2014) for two of the Russian conspirators (Krylova and Bogacheva) named in now Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s indictment — you know, two of the conspirators who allegedly threatened the whole of western civilization by meddling in the 2016 Presidential election (the current destruction myth of the Left).

Then we get the Devin Nunes memorandum which reminds us (as I’ve said in a previous post) the Democratic National Convention, championing Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Oval Office, financed the purchase of a fake dossier from an outed British spy (Christopher Steele) through their front company Fusion GPS, whom they paid clandestinely through their law firm Perkins Coie in order to forge “probable cause” so their sympathizers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice could submit a contrived surveillance warrant request for Carter Page… fully expecting to intercept privileged communications to and from then Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

This warrant is actually forwarded to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ( FISA) who is never told the whole thing was contrived by one political aspirant to spy on the other.

And who was the 7th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation this whole time? Robert Mueller’s best friend James Comey, of course.

Apparently the FBI is too busy chasing down witches and eavesdropping on political opponents to protect children from serial killers (Cruz, others) and Islamic terrorists (Tsarnaev brothers, others) who are repeatedly reported to them by concerned U.S. citizens and concerned foreign governments.

No need for you to be alarmed.

It is all just a big coincidence.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.