Kiss of the Dragon

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Kimodo Dragon

Kimodo dragons do not kiss.

They bite.

The only creature on Earth with more poisonous drool is a lawyer.

The Deep End

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Into the Deep

It is the only place one can truly dive.

Do not fear the abyss.

Master the abyss.

Giving Up Chess

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I had to give up Chess because I get to obsessive with it. It is too fascinating a game with which to flirt.

Noomi Rapace

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I enjoyed Noomi Rapace’s performance in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Scott’s direction and visual flair were excellent… as always.

Not much more to it than that.


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Though Southeast Asia has emerged as a major theater for stunning cities—Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Bali: all of which I will be visiting this year and next—I still have a soft spot for Monaco.

Killing With A Whisper

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Sound suppressors are apparently illegal.

It seems in a Constitutional republic so loudly and publicly committed to a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people

Only the government is allowed to murder people in silence.

Take heart: only firearms require silencers.

There are plenty of other weapons that are just as effective that don’t require suppressors.

The old ways are the best ways.

Star Trek – Deep Space Nine

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I have to say I enjoyed Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. I liked the deeply religious, political, and social intrigues. It was a nice break from the placid and collegiate Next Generation.

Voyager was an abject failure, followed the Enterprise, then the embarrassing franchise film reboot.


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