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Though Southeast Asia has emerged as a major theater for stunning cities—Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Bali: all of which I will be visiting this year and next—I still have a soft spot for Monaco.

Killing With A Whisper

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Sound suppressors are apparently illegal.

It seems in a Constitutional republic so loudly and publicly committed to a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people

Only the government is allowed to murder people in silence.

Take heart: only firearms require silencers.

There are plenty of other weapons that are just as effective that don’t require suppressors.

The old ways are the best ways.

Star Trek – Deep Space Nine

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I have to say I enjoyed Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. I liked the deeply religious, political, and social intrigues. It was a nice break from the placid and collegiate Next Generation.

Voyager was an abject failure, followed the Enterprise, then the embarrassing franchise film reboot.


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Always Be In Front Of It

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8 ball

I Am a Jet Fighter

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F-22 Raptor 010

I am a jet fighter.

And you don’t pour gasoline, sea water, or lemonade in the gas tank of a jet fighter: you use high performance jet fuel.

You maintain a jet fighter with qualified mechanics and specialists. And you never skip a scheduled maintenance window or skimp on the parts.

Similarly, I am a very creative, high octane, upper performance individual. But it comes at a price. I need 7-8 hours of dark, cold, uninterrupted sleep—every night. I require good, natural, unprocessed foods—every day. I call for a clean, quiet, isolated environment in order to deliver on the high demands of my imagination. And I need a quality, fully-stocked gym to keep everything strong, flexible, fit, firm, and ready to rumble.

Don’t interrupt my rhythms: I need them to heal and recalibrate.

No sexual misconduct, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods, junk food, loud noises, and limited sugary drinks.

I am a precision instrument, and as such I can only deliver my precision work when freed from the nonsense and noise that derail lesser minds.

Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate Cake

There are few desserts as simple and perfect as moist, fresh chocolate cake.

Accept no substitutes.


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