Know This…

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No matter how bad things get, or seem to be getting, no matter how dark the dark actually gets…


Usul no longer needs the weirding module.

And that’s huge.

Box Young Lady

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Box Young Lady

No one will give you the body you want.

You have to take it.

From whom, you ask?

Yourself, and all the guard dogs of doubt you’ve arrayed against your own dreams.

Box, young lady.

A Warmer Tide

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I am experiencing a beautiful transformation.

I feel as if my life has been ten thousand cold showers, always keeping me sharp, shocking me awake when I begin to nod off at the helm. But now, the water has collected around me and the temperature has changed.

Now, after so long, I find myself in a lovely warm bath.

Someone else will have to get the door as I am not sure I am ever getting out.

How Paul Invented Christian Theology by N. T. Wright

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If I unfriend you on Facebook, or cease following you on Twitter or some other social media, it is not because you disagreed with me, challenged me, irritated me, countered me, or even confronted me. I will never unfriend you because you are liberal, conservative, pagan, communist, socialist, or hold to any of the hundreds of other ideas I count as straw. I will not unfriend you even when you call me a fool, or rant on my timeline, or call me all sorts of bad names. Even your vitriol will not harm me.

There is only one charge for which I will unfriend you: deceit.

You have proven yourself pathologically incapable of telling the truth, or recognizing it. And I don’t even mean when we have two different definitions or interpretations of an event, personage, or literature.

But when you tirelessly conspire to distort something not out of perspective or philosophical divergence, but of malice, to deceive others and justify your bigotry and hatred…

You are a liar and no longer a friend.

And that, sir, is the truth.


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I had a powerful dream about my childhood. Wow.

Sometimes I feel like I have swum so far out to sea I can no longer see the shore of my childhood.


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The hatred of fate.


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